JWLABS Warranty

Most people understand that we cannot guarantee results. And we cannot predict how long it will take for the Rife machine user to get relief. Each person’s situation is unique. In fact, some may feel worse before they feel better.

There are a multitude of causes and contributing factors which may be involved in what seems like a cascade of ill effects. Often this is difficult to sort out, is challenging to address, and the outcome impossible to predict.

Rife therapy should not be construed as a “magic bullet”, though for some, it may appear to be.

The “instant result” way of thinking is more akin to our modern Western medicine approach and it has failed to address the complex nature of our biological system and the fact of epigenetics.

There are advantages and disadvantages to any kind of therapy. Rife therapy is not immune to this basic fact.

We do our very best to design and build the finest equipment for the professional and the home user alike. We provide ongoing coaching to help you learn to modify your protocols as needed. We strive to ensure that you proceed safely and with optimum effectiveness given the present situation.

We cannot guarantee results.

We wish we could. But we can stand behind our equipment.

If your device should fail for any reason, aside from neglect or misuse, we will repair or replace it for free.

We call it a Lifetime Warranty.

We cannot guarantee how long that lifetime will be, but as long as we have reasonable people at the helm of our company (now three decades strong.), we will honor this commitment.