JWLABS Rife Machines Offer
Our Exclusive Tactio® Feature!

It's Tactile Music!

Our Rife machines convert your music to therapeutic output, giving you a whole new experience of your favorite tunes.

Experience Music Like Never Before!

First the Walkman, then iPod, now smart phones. These innovations have left an indelible mark on cultures worldwide. For decades, inventors have worked to enhance our experience of music, but never before has anyone thought to bring forth the tactile experience of sound. No one before has had the insight & the expertise to ground it in the art and science of electro-medicine.

Until Now.

Our Model A Rife machine uses Tactio® technology to instantaneously convert music into a therapeutic output. In simpler terms, it makes tactile music. That is… music you can feel! Just plug the device of your choice into the Model A and experience it's Tactio® feature!

A New Dimension in Music

Think the giant woofers in the back of your SUV are way cool? Model A will make that seem like a wind-up toy! Get ready for total music addiction! A whole new, thrilling entertainment stimulus that is as basic as audio or video. Model A is Tactio®. Tactio® is the ultimate music stimulator.

Tactio®. Changing the World of Music.

Experience Music Like Never Before

Did we mention that Model A has room for two? It all depends on the music you choose. It’s all up to you! Use FM radio, car stereo, computer, disc player or TV. In fact, Model A will work with almost anything that has a headphone jack!


Model A will not work with AM radio. Some players will not have enough output power. Children under the age of 13 should be supervised by an adult. May be addictive. Over use may cause headache, or hangover. Poor connections may cause burns.

Learn how to use the Tactio® feature on your Model A

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