Rife Machines and Accessories


At JWLABS, we have over 30 years of experience developing Rife machines and accessories. Among our collection of Rife products, you can find Rife machines of our own design, as well as Rife machine accessories, including electrode wires of varying lengths, USB charging cables, and adapters. We also carry advanced session files for use with our Rife machines.

The Model A4 is, without a doubt, among the most user-friendly Rife machine currently available, while the Model A3 is a mid-priced Rife machine. Our products are designed to be portable, but the most portable device on the market is JWLABS LiveWires, our pocket-sized Rife machine.

Each of our Rife devices also allows you to access our extensive library of hand-tuned frequency sessions. Browse our selection of Rife machines and accessories today.

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