Rife Machines Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past 30 years, we have been asked a lot of questions on Rife machines, technology, and treatment. We’ve answered those questions based on our decades of experience. We hope you find your answer in the list below.

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How reliable is the Rife machine industry in general?

Unfortunately, it is very unreliable. In a business atmosphere where such operations as ENRON can commit vast multi-billion dollar fraud against the public year after year, the possibility that our industry will be cleaned up soon is scarcely even a prospect.

It is much like the Chiropractic profession, with respect to the way that it is discredited and maligned through a more or less complete lack of normal business regulation and law enforcement. The way this works is that without the sort of responsible policing most industries enjoy, the Rife business has been a haven sometimes for the unscrupulous. This ruins the public trust in Rife technology.

Since the very beginning, there has been a predominance of those who take advantage of the fact that people do not understand the technology and have no means by which to determine what is real and what is not real.

On the Internet, where the typical attitude is in essence, “tell any lie to win”, seriously grievous fraud is being perpetrated on the unsuspecting and the ill in a wholesale fashion. Three of the most well known books on the subject were written by people who truly have no clue either. They talk about frequencies and procedures that make no sense at all. Demonstrating to us that they intend to commit fraud, and they have gotten away with it for decades. Even the debunkers have no credibility, and like most people in the industry, they are a lot better at marketing their wares than they are at fulfilling their promises.

Although it is very easy to prove the effects scientifically, creating a good safe and reliable instrument for home use is a real challenge. For this reason many, and probably most users, end up with devices that are laughable when it comes to providing the sort of therapy that users expect. At an electronics retailer you can buy a simple function generator that can be used to prove that the technology works, but it is not capable of performing the therapy to any reasonable extent.

Broadcast machines (also called ray beam, ray tube, plasma devices), and any other device that uses a carrier wave to deliver frequency to the body, should not be permitted at all because they cause memory loss, brain damage, and kill cells in the reproductive organs. Rife’s Beam Ray was only intended to treat the microscope.

These broadcast devices employ powerful signals in the microwave range, which most people realize can kill human cells, cause cancer and a plethora of other diseases. Such devices should be outlawed. The risks of devices of this kind must be disclosed to any user, else the maker or practitioner is going to be guilty of withholding a material fact which will result in injury to another, and this is the very definition of fraud.

It is pathetic, really, since the true technology is very safe, very effective, and can be presented in complete honesty, withholding nothing.

It took us more than 18 years to develop an inexpensive instrument that does not sacrifice any aspect of the therapy (Model A3). But users who want to save money often buy a zapper for a hundred dollars, which is a joke technically. It is much too feeble to do any harm. But most users would get better results from a used function generator, or TENS device.

Web sites pretending to expose quacks seem to target only the makers with any authenticity and promise, yet ignore the real criminal elements altogether. So one can only assume that they are there to destroy the industry, since they certainly do not protect the public in any way.

Search engine rankings have nothing at all to do with the quality of a product. Although most thinking people realize this, they are going to see genuine instruments right beside the complete frauds. How are they to know? How can the search engines know? They can’t. Unfortunately, they simply can’t.

We have always tried to be responsible stewards of this technology, protecting it and nurturing it as best we can, so that it will always be available to users in its true form. Bad business practice and criminal behavior among manufacturers reflects very poorly on the industry.

Why haven't I heard about Rife before?

There are a number of theories as to exactly what has suppressed Rife technology over the years. Most of them are exaggerated, glamorized, or simply untrue. What is true, is that some people lose track of what they can say about their machines without getting into legal trouble. Others leap to conclusions about what the machines can really do.

Occasionally they run amuck of the law, and then claim they are being treated unfairly, or are being persecuted. When this happens they become overly cautious. So the answer to this question is that users, and manufacturers as well, have developed a tradition of not telling people about it, even when the need is great. This is purely out of a need for self preservation. Therefore if you already know about it, the technology will not be deliberately hidden from you, but if you do not know about it, and do not seek it out, nobody is going to come knocking at your door or send you unsolicited email. This tends to keep the profile down.

Conventional medicine and other big business are not interested in the technology for the reason that they do not want to invest a lot of capital in a technology that they cannot exclusively control.

In a few cases, however, businessmen and industry have taken a clue from Rife technology, and developed their own unique interpretations, which can be patented. The TENS unit, which has been approved by the FDA for many years, the bone growth stimulator, also approved, are examples of Rife machines that you may have heard about. The Cybersonic, Ionic, Sonic, and other types of advanced tooth brushes are based on fundamental insights taken directly from the Rife technology. (In fact, John Wright had significant input in the development of at least one of these devices.)

Outside of the US, there are many countries that have embraced the advent of frequency and electron therapy. It seems to fall in and out of favor, depending on the administration or regime. This is probably because the technology, if it is done correctly, is fantastically effective; and it tends to inhibit some sectors of the medical profession. The drug business is definitely the most obvious of these, but it affects every part of medicine to greater or to lesser degrees.

Politics plays a role in the suppression of Rife machines. We may be safer for having a few high level officials who are users, but it actually affords a very little security. As the Rife technology grows, it becomes more visible, and will eventually become a target.

It was once thought that there would be considerable political advantage for the leader who stood up to conventional wisdom and brought the Rife technology to the people. But this has proven to be a foolish hope. The reasons for this are complex and convoluted. In short, however, it has mostly to do with the corruption that has become manifest in the many gross violations of any reasonable interpretation of the antitrust statutes.

Section 1 of the Sherman Act makes monopolies, attempts to monopolize and conspiracies to monopolize illegal. Most people can name a half dozen or more obvious monopolies in their daily lives that are perpetrated by corporations so large and influential, that politicians simply cannot resist the pressure that these institutions exert upon them. The AMA and the FDA appear to have conspired to monopolize the drug business and are presently attempting to monopolize even the use of such things as vitamin C.

Of the many reasons monopolies are illegal, restriction of commerce, and the pricing of products and commodities are the most crucial. When you move into a new house, you are forced to buy your gas and electricity from local monopolies and you must pay their prices, fair or unfair. When you buy a computer, it will come with an operating system that is your only choice. If you want cable TV, you will buy it from a monopoly, who will charge you fifty dollars for something that is worth about 5 bucks.

So the real reasons the Rife technology is kept quiet has to do with the fundamental problems in this country. These are the same problems that have given rise to such abominable frauds as ENRON, WORLDCOM, and many others. They have their origins at the very core of our nation. Did you know that Ken Lay, the CEO of ENRON, was once considered for a high level financial position in the current administration? Whatever happened to the integrity and high moral standards of this once proud nation? It has been bribed, lobbied, and traded away bit by bit, while we ordinary Americans blindly trusted our much honored system of checks and balances. A system that now bears no resemblance to the America we were once taught was the shining light of freedom in the world.

The media and our elected officials are effectively controlled, or held in check, by the big corporations and the big corporations are in turn controlled by the Central Banks, which are private institutions. These powers can do anything they want, having no reasonable controls.

For us, the little people who are just trying to subsist at the margins of a corrupt system, there is no real justice. In as much as we know the need exists for reliable Rife technology that everyone can afford and benefit from, we also are painfully aware that the system can make short work of us pretty much any time they choose.

Please don’t get the idea that we are un-American. We are like you. We believe in the system, and we are patriotic to our native land. But as such, we are best qualified to detect when that system is having a major problem. It would be unpatriotic not to dissent, when the constitutional foundations of our nation are being threatened.

Will it work for me?

JWLABS Model machines cannot not work. There are conditions that can exist in the body that can greatly slow down the process, and some that can greatly accelerate the process. It depends, in part, on what you are trying to accomplish with the machine. It also depends on whether or not the machine you get is able to do that job, since not all machines are equal. If you expect a limited function device, such as a zapper, or a TENS unit to perform as a full function device, you may be disappointed.

There are profound differences between a broadcast device and a transducer, as there are distinct differences between an analog device and a digital device. Of these, only a very few are capable of everything a Rife machine is expected to do. If the problem you have is something that is incurable, the Rife machine may be your best bet.

There are a number of afflictions that can only be treated successfully with a full function instrument. But if all you expect is daily maintenance, lesser machines may do the job quite well. Unfortunately, you might spend thousands of dollars on an instrument that is not able to handle your particular problem. Yet a simpler, and much cheaper device may do the job easily. Your knowledge, and the support that you get with your machine are terribly important.

Your success with any home remedy may depend on an accurate diagnosis. Once you have that, it helps a whole lot to be well educated about the nature of the problem. What causes it, what the symptoms are, and how it is normally treated.

Where you are located, where you grew up, and your personal habits often determine how difficult it might be to treat a given problem successfully. People who live in big cities often do not respond as well to the therapy as do those who live in remote, or isolated regions. So the environment and your living conditions play an important part. This is true for many types of remedy, including the conventional allopathic approach.

Problems that are compounded by multiple infections can have the effect of masking symptoms, and cause it to be very difficult for your doctor to correctly diagnose. Complications to a simple problem or underlying, unrelated issues, especially when they are located in the same general part of the body, contribute to ambiguities in the results you realize.

If you contract an infection in an unusual way, even if it is a very common infection, it might make it very difficult to deal with as compared to the average case. A history of drug use (prescription or otherwise), alcohol, or steroids, usually reduces the chances or slows down your ability to recover, especially if traditional medicine has failed. Very advanced or very long term problems usually do not respond as well as newly contracted, or untreated problems of the same type. Knowing exactly why the problem exists may help a great deal.

Conventional testing is the most common way users confirm their results. The therapy should not be used to replace most straight forward medical treatment. Be sure to see a doctor, or a specialist, and be sure to get copies of any and all records, test results and X-rays that they routinely keep. The more you know and the more information you have that you can use to compare your problem with recorded cases, the better equipped you are to deal with a problem yourself.

There are no users who do not do better with a JWLABS machine than they would have without it. Although we are not doctors, we will do everything we know how, to help you. One of the most important things that you can do to assure your success, regardless of the remedy, is to follow the instructions strictly and regularly.

Most of the effects of the devices we make are essentially unavoidable. This means that it is simply not possible to do the therapy without seeing the benefits in some way. When a user is very sick, the amount of therapy they can do safely may be very small. When the therapy is limited by the user’s condition, the increments of change may only be immediately visible through such tests as live blood cell analysis.

If a user is much too alkaline, for a time their body may not be as conductive as it should be, and their electrolytes will be depleted or washed out. Regular use of the equipment will correct this fairly rapidly and the user will begin to see changes that are more typical. There are some other, lesser known dangers with a device of this power, so it is routine for us to walk each user through a beginners program, for safety and to assure that they are on the right track for their needs.

We cannot speak to cures in the normal way. There are certainly many users who have reported cures. But our percentage of success is not typical. Most machines are able to produce only a tiny fraction of the success we have come to take for granted. This is remarkable for the reason that the greater portion of our users have chronic or incurable conditions.

Between the time when you first call and the day you place your order, we will have spent some time with you, learned about your history, your habits, and your overall vitality. Based on the information that you give us, we will be able to approximate what your results should be with a fair degree of accuracy. We will relate your information to other similar cases we have known in the past, and give you a good idea of the reasons why we believe you will achieve certain results.

In some cases we will expect dramatic results and not in others. There are a few instances where we have some doubt about how effective the therapy will be. Regardless of what we might expect you to accomplish with the machine, we will always be on the look out for reasons why this might not be a good idea for you. For example, if you are highly anemic, if you have mercury amalgams, a pace maker or defibrillator, severe neuropathy, massive abscess, encapsulated tumor, to mention just a few, this may or may not be appropriate therapy for you. If not, we may have other suggestions as to how you may further your quest to become free of the condition.

How long will it take for it to work?

If you use microscopy or any other testing method, conventional or otherwise, the first thing you will be struck by is the fact that unlike most other therapies, the Rife machine starts working immediately. Amazing changes happen within seconds. Long before the changes are noticeable to you marked, scientifically observable changes will happen in virtually every user.

This doesn’t mean that it will cure you that fast. Normally it takes some time just to become accustomed to the effects that are produced. One case in a hundred does not respond as expected, or not at all. But by carefully examining the facts of the case and the circumstances, including the symptoms and other complications, it is usually possible to determine with some degree of reliability the reason why. If you can figure out why, often there is a way to make it work.

In the treatment of such things as gangrene, usually there is only time for a single treatment. It has to be done at high power, at the right frequencies, for an extended session duration. Life and limb have been saved in more than one case, as reported. Influenza can be treated, but prevention by means of regular maintenance sessions is the preferred method, due to the potential for Herxheimer type reactions (healing crisis).

Used in general healing for wounds and broken bones accelerated healing, about twice as fast as normal, are typical reports in testimonials. Cancer responds according to the type. Some reports indicate that fast growing, terminal, inoperable tumors have been all but eliminated in 2 weeks. Thickly encapsulated, slow growing, benign tumors may not respond at all. There seem to be no reliable rules in the treatment of cancer.

The JWLABS model machines cannot kill human cells and so, do not kill human cancer cells. The treatment is expected to remove the cause of the cancer, even when it is caused by a toxin. Such causes as asbestos, or radiation, to a lesser degree. Removal of the cause will usually bring remission in advanced cases, and may bring a complete remission in less advanced cases.

As we work with you, we will learn more about what works best for you; and in that process, you will learn how to use the machine to your best advantage. This can reap huge results in days, or may take months, depending on how complex and how mysterious your condition may be.

In a recent case, one of considerable mystery, diagnosis was nebulous at best. Results were slow and less than we had predicted, which is unusual. The user was very good about keeping in contact, reporting every 5 to 10 days. From the first report, we suggested that the user was too acidic, and doing too much therapy. During the next three months, we tried various applications. We considered and debated every conceivable cause, including wild speculations on environment and toxins, only to find that once the user took a few days off the machine, things started to improve in a way that was more in line with our original expectations. So it had turned out that indeed,our first suggestion, doing too much therapy, was the right call. The user later admitted having disregarded our advice because otherwise good health made our judgment seem an impossibility.

The normal beginner applications call for 3 to 5 minutes a day, three days a week. Expanding to 5 to 10 minutes a day, three to five times a week. The recent case mentioned above was doing an hour a day, every day for three months. A seriously ill person could not do that without a reaction so profound that they would stop sessions voluntarily. It is important to follow instructions pretty closely, and not assume that you are the exception. There are very few exceptions. Full hour sessions every day for 10 days has put healthy people in the hospital. So our “recent user” was exceptional, and a little foolhardy.

Nothing works if it is simply too late and the systems of the body are already breaking down, as is observed in general systemic failure just prior to the death spiral. Some near death cases have been observed to be improved, and even turned around by pH management, oxygen therapies of various types, and mild systemic Rife therapy combined with other specific alternative modalities.

Multiple Sclerosis, and “Fibromyalgia” cases cover the full range from no timely results, to complete cessation of all symptoms. This has been done in as little as three months, and as long as two years. In general, the machine works very fast. So fast, that the first few sessions are critical. With an analog, full function, double power instrument such as the ones we make, the first two or three sessions must be carried out with extreme caution so as to avoid extreme reactions. Once this danger is past, regular sessions may begin.

With lesser machines, the first few sessions may be the only time results are seen. Many people, new users and experienced practitioners alike have been confounded by the vast differences in the efficacy of different makes of Rife instruments and how difficult it is to tell which are good for a lifetime of therapy, and which will only work for a week or two.

There are often good reasons why it is unwise to try to correct a problem too rapidly. If there is a large tumor to be removed, it is essential that the liver is kept clear. Progress will be hindered if the system is clogged by matter from the tumor. If a user is very old, very toxic, or very acidic, changes must be more carefully metered, so that the body has time to regulate its self according to those changes.

JWLABS instruments are usually faster than you are. The therapy can be applied in ways that are extremely slow and cautious for the severely ill, or it may be robust and carefree for the athlete. The users’ skill level is another factor that may affect the speed and efficacy of the therapy. Too much therapy, performed too rapidly, too aggressively, or for too long will generally bring a reaction. Such reactions slow the process because these reactions must be allowed to run their course before therapy may safely resume.

How dangerous is Rife therapy?

It’s best to use the analogy of the automobile, since most people are familiar with them. As a non-user, you have either been walking, or riding your bike. Now you are about to climb into a Ferrari F50 and get out onto a full competition race track. In other words, it’s only as dangerous as you are. If you are a foolhardy know-it-all, or have declared yourself an “instant expert” you may very well kill yourself. But you are still going to have to do some very stupid things before you die.

If you are appropriately cautious and take the time to fully understand what you are doing before you put your foot to the floor, you will be fine. But in order for a car to take you down the highway, it must also have the power to take you over a cliff. Once you have the skill to control it properly, you will no longer be a danger to yourself and perhaps others.

Injuries using the transducer are extremely rare, however, for a number of important reasons. Obviously, if the machine you have is only capable of treating a quarter of a cubic inch at a time, there is no danger, because the machine is not powerful enough to hurt you. It is also not powerful enough to accomplish much except perhaps to prove that the technology works, even in its most ineffective forms.

By contrast, our machines have enough power to treat a horse, and can deliver enough current to thoroughly permeate every cell in your body. These devices are also sensitive enough to treat a mouse. Obviously, what is needed to treat the human body lies somewhere in between. We will take the time to teach you what you need to know.

One of the built-in factors of a transducer that helps prevent injuries is that in order to hurt yourself, you would have to apply enough power to cause pain. So, for the same reason that you never use so much volume when using a headphone that it causes pain and thereby avoid doing harm to your hearing, you will avoid causing pain with the machine.

Still, it is possible to do very dangerous things with the machine. For instance, if you were to place the electrodes over your temples, turn the machine up to maximum, and then switch the machine on, you could do serious harm to yourself. Burns, (toxic electroporation), are a common mistake which can be easily avoided. Before you proceed to advanced sessions, be sure to check with us for safe methods.

We always like to walk new users through their first few sessions so that we can be sure they get a reasonable understanding of the proper use of the machine. Without question, the single most prominent of all dangers of the machines we make is the hazard of over-use. Although not much of a problem for experienced users, the potential for over-use among new users is something that we stress.

The machine is not like a drug. It isn’t something that you can over dose yourself using. It isn’t putting new chemicals into your body and polluting it. Rather, it is going to continue to make changes to the chemicals already in your body, called endergonic reactions. It will continue to do this for as long as you keep using it.

Although we always tell people that it is not recommended for systemic sessions more than 30 minutes every three days, even for experienced users, many people exceed this. The reason they do, is either they did not believe what we warned them about, or they simply forget how much they have used it. Consider, that a completely healthy person might use the machine everyday for an hour day after day, but after about ten days, it will likely hit them suddenly, and they may develop severe toxic reactions.

For new users, there is a real possibility of un-diagnosed infection, which in the extreme case, can have the same severe effect in a matter of minutes. Literally after a single session. The methods we use to prevent this from happening and the sort of sessions that we suggest in the beginning are tailored with this in mind.

If we have scared you, relax. When used properly, the machine is far less dangerous than a hair dryer, a toaster, or an electric razor. It is safe, but not recommended for children. Under the age of 13 must be with adult supervision.
Other, more common cautions are included in the operating tutorial that comes with the machine. These cautions are covered with each customer verbally before they receive their machine. It is routine for us to interview each customer, to determine if there are any special dangers for that individual, based on their history.

Let’s say you have been using a genuine Rife machine, with all the power and efficacy of Rife’s original technology. We have instructed some of the most famous doctors in the world, who, for over 40 years, have been using other Rife devices. Using a JWLABS model will be almost as though you have never done any therapy, and had no training whatsoever. When we say that our models are twice as effective and twice as powerful as Rife’s most powerful instruments, we mean just that.

If you had been driving a ’62 Comet for years, and then started driving a ’62 Corvette, you would soon see that the two vehicles have very different power and handling characteristics, even though they both are designed to perform the same basic function. Don’t be fooled by prices. Just because you paid $30,000 for your Comet, and only $1000 for the Corvette, does not mean that the Corvette has a third the power of the Comet. You got a great deal on the ‘Vette, and paid way too much for the Comet. Obviously, if you were to push the Corvette as hard as you push the Comet, you are going to get a speeding ticket, a fine, and might even lose your license.

When it comes to Rife machines, there is nothing faster than a JWLABS model. We are not traffic cops. There are certain rules to abide by, and these are in place for your protection. But there will be no one to help you read the road signs. We ask that when you come to the next junction, please call for directions.

Will it make my problems worse?

No. The machine will not make matters worse. Indirectly, however it is not a good idea to use the machine instead of having the sort of care your doctor suggests. Like using it to avoid a surgical procedure that you urgently and clearly need. Though, in some cases it may be a good thing to try first.
For people suffering from viral infections like HIV, or hepatitis, it’s best to refrain from using the machine for at least a few days before a viral load test, because using the machine will stir up pathogens and other measurable blood factors. This is a normal effect of the device that will throw off the results of most tests of this kind.

White cells are also brought out and become much more active. Shattered virus may not be distinguishable from live virus. Increased antigens may appear to indicate changes that are not really correct. This could make it look a lot worse than it really is and cause your doctor to make incorrect judgments about your condition. You will feel fine, but your doctor may wonder how it is that you are even walking around.

If conventional tests are the means by which you are measuring your progress, just take leave of the machine for three to five days. The debris in your system will have time to clear out completely and the test will reflect more accurately your true condition.

The old wives-tale that it has to get worse before it gets better is simply untrue. In professional Rife clinics located in other countries, the sort of reactions that are referred to as a healing crisis or Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction are carefully avoided. These reactions are not desirable and it is routine for us to carefully guide each user through their “beginners sessions” to make sure that they understand how to use the machine correctly.

We also do our best to teach each user how to use the machine safely and effectively. When to use the instrument and when not to use it is a part of this process. It is not difficult. Once you understand the basics, it is like riding a bicycle. You will always know what to do and you can apply this knowledge to many other applications that you may need in the future. We strive to be available to help if you have more questions. Normal business hours are 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time during week days. And we check for messages on weekends and holidays. You can also email us at info@jwlabs.com

There is no question that the symptoms of many conditions will increase when over-use of the machine occurs. There are various possible reasons why one user can use it for an hour with no side effects, but another may only take 5 minutes comfortably. At the beginning, for most new users, a maximum of 5 minutes per session is the best place to start.

Do not confuse a JWLABS machine with others. What works with one machine may not work at all when applied to therapy with another. The differences are often quite huge. An hour on one type of device may be no problem at all. JWLABS machines are almost never used for more than 30 minutes at a time. To exceed 30 minutes with any JWLABS model might be dangerous for many users.

There are a number of reliable phenomena that are predictable according to the type of problem a user may be suffering from. If diagnosis is correct very specific methods of therapy are called for, depending on what problems are present. It is even possible for a user to be afflicted with diseases that have Rife applications that are conflicting. These and many other complexities have led us to establish a standardized beginners routine and a systematic method of determining how each user will proceed with safety. Our expertly hand-tuned sessions are designed to minimize possible negative symptomatic results.

In the Rife Therapy portion of JWLABS’ web presence, we provide for registered users specific in-depth descriptions of disease, methods of therapy, frequencies, session duration and cadences. These detailed applications are accessible by password only.

Rife Therapy is designed to accommodate both the practitioner, and the home user as well. It contains a veritable library of applications that are appropriate for JWLABS machines only. Each user has a customized access to data that is relevant to their condition according to what we know. Such access is tailor made for each user, and should never be used by another user unless specifically suggested.

When symptoms increase following a session, in most cases this is going to be due to a Hexheimer type reaction. A Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction is defined as: “A transient, short-term immunologic reaction commonly seen following antibiotic treatment of syphilis and less often in other diseases, such as borreliosis, brucellosis, typhoid fever, and trichinellosis, which is manifested by fever, chills, headache, myalgias, and exacerbation of cutaneous lesions. The reaction has been attributed to the liberation of endotoxin-like substances of antigens from the killed or dying microorganisms, but its exact pathogenesis is unclear. Called also Herxheimer’s Reaction.” – Dorland’s Medical Dictionary

This reaction has long been observed to be brought on by Rife therapy, although the name has its origins in antibiotic therapy. It should not be confused with toxic reactions caused by over use. A Rife reaction. It is possible to have the effects of both types of reaction at the same time, by the same cause.
The most notable difference between these is that the Herxheimer reaction will generally not be repeatable, and it is not cumulative, as is the Rife reaction. In the Rife reaction, the effects can be repeated, and it can also be stored up over time, each subsequent session treating and counteracting the effects of the previous sessions reaction, until the full reaction breaks, or the user stops. The Rife reaction can be much more severe, and may require hospitalization in the extreme case. The beginners routine is designed specifically to avoid the Rife reaction.

Do you have testimonials?

Of course, we have testimonials going back a very long time. But testimonials are like employment references, in that no one prints the bad ones. If you buy a machine because they have ten testimonials that are impressive to you, you have no way of knowing what they really mean to you and your chances with that device. If the machine is only effective for one in a thousand cases, then your chances are only one in a thousand, but after they have sold ten thousand devices, they will have ten good testimonials.

The FTC (federal trade commission) does not permit testimonials of so called unproven medical technologies. Although we do have a handful of very short quips and quotes from recent customers, they are often related to JWLABS more than they are focused on any medical case or outcomes.

We don’t need the FTC to tell us that testimonials can be very misleading. In our records are many astounding testimonials, but we try to use them responsibly. We don’t use them to convince people to buy machines from us. An amazing testimonial is no indication of how things will go for you. To suggest that would be unethical at best, and fraud at its worst. But we do collect them for future reference, and we do release them on occasion when we feel it will be helpful for a new user to examine what that user was doing.

This does not exclude any other modality, supplements, or therapies they used in conjunction with the machine. Sometimes, their way of doing things is a real aid for new users to design a regimen for themselves based on what worked for others. It’s important to note that user reports are fairly subjective, and reports tend to change over time, the user becoming less precise as time passes.

It is our opinion, that it is unethical to use testimonials as a selling tool, because they can be misleading. Testimonials printed on this web site, if any, are intended as character references, nothing more.

We want every customer to be successful. One of the ways we can assure this, is to see to it that each customer has a true and realistic expectation of what the machine can do for them. If we think their chances are great, we will not hesitate to say so. But if we think that person will need to treat for years with only small improvement, we will tell them the truth, as best we know it.

In order for JWLABS to continue to be responsible stewards of the Rife technology, we must be scrupulously honest with every customer. We must also pay close attention to the circumstances of any reported failures. The vast majority of our customers are successful, and that success is exactly what our customers expect. So, they usually have little motivation to report success, because that is the norm. It is really only when things do not go as expected that we get most of our calls from customers. These are the cases from which we learn the most, and where we can use new information to improve our products and services.

From our experience, and from testimonials, we have learned that if a dramatic turn around is going to occur, it is most often within the first ten days of full effect sessions. Examples of this are reports that a user got out of his death-bed, and continued to play golf everyday for months before he expired. A report that a woman got out of her death-bed, and went on a 10 month, care-free vacation with her husband, before she expired. Two reports that users with terminal throat cancer, were diagnosed cancer free. A report from a practitioner that people with full blown AIDS are symptom free. All these happened within 30-60 days of therapy.

Success is typical. The above reports are not. Given the physical limitations of the average person, a more reasonable expectation would correspond to the amount of time it takes for the body to make permanent metabolic changes. For example, one who has never exercised will reach a peak of physical toning from an intense exercise regimen in not less than 16 weeks. But for that same person to expect permanent metabolic changes to occur, will take 6 months to a year, depending on their age.

In our archives are many testimonials we have collected since we began manufacturing Rife machines. Also in our archives are the testimonials collected by John Crane and Royal Rife. These two sets of testimonials seem to correspond more or less exactly, with variations that seem to be attributable to the differences in the environment the mutations and incidences of disease.

There is some considerable disparity between our collections which we know to be true, and those reported by makers of other Rife machines, which we do not know to be true. The percentage that these represent, variations of disease, and the apparent accuracy of those we do not know to be true, would suggest that at least some portion of the reports from other makers are fabricated, embellished, or mistaken. This is apparent for the reason that Rife machine successes have certain tell-tale markers that make them distinct from other success testimonials that are typically reported.
We must look at all testimonials, regardless of source, with a skeptic’s eye. Results must be observed in a scientific experimental environment to have any real validity. There are simply too many ambiguities to take them at face value. Thrilling as some testimonials appear, these should never be the key factor in any buyer’s decision process, nor should they be allowed to unduly influence established procedures.

What is a Rife machine anyway?

The term is something of a misnomer. Rife did not invent the transducer. It had been in use a long time before he was born. The technology and techniques we employ in the thing we call Rife therapy, was mostly developed by others. An electro-medical society was established in the US by 1890. Devices of this kind were patented in this era. The frequency instrument, in modern times, is actually a home remedy device that incorporates virtually everything that can be done with an electro-medical device.

Royal Rife was a microscopist, (someone who makes and develops microscopes). He is correctly attributed as having discovered what are called Mortal Oscillatory Rates, or, the frequencies that devitalize microbes. That function of the therapy, has always been best accomplished with a transducer. An instrument that delivers current to the body that is both a stimulus to the user, but is a destructive force to pathogens of all kinds at the same time.

The other school of thought is to the effect that it was the Ray Tube that was the true Rife machine, a device that uses a radio wave to deliver frequencies, rather than current. In a way, there is a dramatically correct aspect to this belief, since the transducer could not be used to treat Rife’s microscope. This is because they are too powerful.

Transducers will generally kill anything that lives on a microscope slide, at any frequency, because it takes so very little current to kill bacteria or virus in a subject of a single drop of liquid, with no resistance at all. What Rife needed was to prove his theory. In order to accomplish this, he needed a frequency applicator that would ONLY kill one type of pathogen when precisely the correct frequency rate was reached, leaving every other type unharmed. Thus affording a means to produce obvious and dramatic proof. The ray tube was used for this purpose, and it was powered by the frequency instrument. The frequency instrument was the transducer. The transducer was the frequency instrument.

Of course, Rife knew enough about physics to understand that far more energy than what a broadcast device could produce was needed in order to achieve the same sort of results inside a living body, where huge resistances would be present. Ray tube promoters were ignorant of these simple facts before they committed to a different paradigm. The only part they are correct about, is that the Ray tube was the part he invented.

Over the years it has been proven that even a very feeble transducer vastly out performs even the most powerful ray tube modality for the reason that a transducer is direct, and broadcast, is indirect. There are a great many other things that make the transducer a far better method of delivering frequency to the body. The most notable of these is that of the electrocution of pathogens. Something that no non-contacting instrument can do. Obviously, it is far easier to electrocute pathogens than it is to destroy them by frequency alone. Far more reliable as well.
JWLABS machines deliver the mortal rates at an energy output that is also an electrocuting force to virus and bacteria. This makes the effect a lot more reliable and predictable. There are a host of other effects that can be realized using the transducer, and that are not possible in any other way. The Department of Defense verifies this for us in the document, Electro Conformational Coupling, where endergonic reactions induced by oscillating current are described in detail. They include cyclic enzyme catalysis, mitochondrial ATP synthase, and others. There are many others.

In the loose language of the present day, virtually anything that delivers frequency to the body might be called a Rife type device. Although there is literally no better or more powerful way to accomplish this than the transducer, frequency delivery devices have taken many diverse forms. From color therapy to the playing of certain musical instruments.

John Crane, who built machines for Rife for over 20 years, attempted to reveal all of these facts after Rife’s death in 1971. His focus was primarily on the fact of microbial electrocution, which Rife never revealed. Even though he knew and had proven it’s effectiveness, Rife did not openly admit it. Again, because he did not invent the transducer. But he did prove it, so the name has stuck.

To reiterate, Rife did not invent the Rife machine; and what he did invent, was not appropriate for human therapy purposes. The reason why it is not appropriate for human therapy, is really very simple. Broadcast devices produce microwave energy, which kills human cells. It is much the same energy that one would receive being too close to a radio, or TV broadcast tower. Users report severe memory loss. Frequencies that even approach microwave, are not healthful for therapeutic purposes. These are the very same dangers people face using cellular phones. Microwave causes cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, and other serious disorders.

Memory loss caused in this way, is not perceptible. It is very similar to the loss of mental function that occurs during oxygen deprivation. You cannot tell it is happening to you, because the very faculty that would normally be present to alarm you of the distress is also the very faculty that is being lost. So, you just get dumber and dumber, never realizing effects that are not perceptible.

This is the reason why JWLABS does not make a broadcast device, and we never will. It is simply much too dangerous. And it is a danger that users cannot detect, that produces injury doctors cannot diagnose. Royal Rife, John Crane, and others who worked with them for years, have all died in a terrible diminished state of mental acuity. Alcoholism, erratic behavior, dementia, and stupidity seem to be common among them.

So, there is really no cut and dried definition of what a Rife machine is. But there are a few things that we must be sure a Rife machine is not. By our definition, a Rife machine is something that does the user a lot of good, and that is scientifically sound in its design, and empirically safe for home use. A Rife machine is not supposed to be dangerous, or harmful during normal use. Broadcast, or “ray machines” violate this basic safety rule.

What is the difference between Model A and Model B?

In short, there are huge and significant differences in physics and hardware, but only a negligible difference in performance. The purpose of Model A is to make the equipment more cost effective and simpler to use, while maintaining all of the qualities of the true Rife transducer, without any compromise.

When we were first commissioned to build original style Rife machines, we were as skeptical as you might expect from scientifically minded businessmen. Our clients’ demand for the original vacuum tube based technology placed a burden on us, because vacuum tubes (AKA electron tubes, radio tubes) had been obsolete for decades, actually since the invention of the transistor in the middle of the last century. (Note: a vacuum tube should not be confused with a ray tube. These are not the same thing at all.)

This was enough of a challenge that it took us eleven months to design and construct our first working vacuum tube device using Rife’s original designs as a model. During that time, we invented a simpler way. Since our invention was very simple in design, we were able to develop a working prototype before our first vacuum tube based instrument was completed. We called it Model A, and the original design we called Model B.
At the time, there was no market for devices like Model A. People mistakenly thought Rife instruments had to be expensive in order to be any good. It took us almost 20 years to perfect the Model A technology. (There were numerous renditions, but the unit we now call Model A3 was first made available in 2004.)

Today, Model A machines can do everything Model B can do, but without all that hardware. This makes it less expensive to make, and it can be sold for about a fraction of what the cost of Model B would be today. Model A has all the advantages of modern electronics, with none of the drawbacks and limitations that have been characteristic of modern innovations in Rife technology.

Model B was the most effective of all Rife instruments by a good margin, and for the same performance to be packed into an essentially indestructible package at a fraction of the the price, puts JWLABS Model A devices worlds ahead. Both instruments are described in detail in our Products section.

What makes your machines better than the others?

It is far too easy to make unfounded claims on the Internet. We can state that we make the best, but anybody can say that. We have rarely had to answer this question because most of our users have taken the time to research the machines available, and the majority of people who do that much, arrive at the same conclusion. JWLABS makes the best Rife machines.

Like many of the world’s top manufacturers, we use contractors whenever we can to save money and to take advantage of their specialized skills. Just the way Henry Ford surrounded himself with experts, we try to employ the best that we can find.

We are motivated to make the very best device that we can. Our equipment carries a “lifetime” warranty. Our customer service policies are such that people may contact us for help and advice so long as they have a JWLABS machine. We anticipate a long term relationship with our customers and they usually have very high expectations.

There are not many things in the world that you can buy where the maker has that much faith in their products, or that much genuine interest in the satisfaction of their customers. Not cars, not refrigerators, not furniture, not houses, not even tools. So when we say that we make the best, it is not something we say to impress you, it is something we say because we sincerely believe it.

The machines we make are not easy. Nobody else makes devices anything like JWLABS machines, and nobody else makes a true vacuum tube based instrument, exactly as Rife himself once did. Our Model A is a standard in the industry. Find out more about the JWLABS Model A.

Even though Model B is in the public domain, it has almost never been copied because only one in ten qualified electronics engineers can make them successfully. If another company successfully copies Model B, then perhaps there would be a machine that is its equal. but so far, no one has done this. Model B is an expensive instrument. It is very expensive to make. But when it comes to health, there is simply no compromise. There is real doubt that any other machine is made with such a commitment to quality and efficacy.

We consider it unethical, in an industry where producers need to have the highest standard of ethics, for any maker to copy our products, but fail to give us credit. Those who copy our products, do not have the acquired knowledge and experience to apply a device of this kind with any skill. So, it behooves the copy cat, the “knock-off” artist, to give us credit, so that they can learn how to use it properly, and with safety for the user. User results is what brings these users to us sooner or later, for the kind of support they need. This is how we find that they are plagiarizing us. Of course, we help the users, but we are forced to prosecute counterfeiters for copyright infringement as appropriate.

Those who have foolishly presumed to “improve” or to “re-invent” the Rife technology, are way out on a limb in terms of efficacy. They are taking huge risks for themselves, and for their customers. A fair number of these have been forced to move out of the country, or are facing stiff penalties and in some cases, even criminal prosecution.

The true Rife technology might be compared to an airplane. The exact parameters that make a plane fly must be adhered to in all aircraft, because the laws of physics do not change. If it does not have all of the essential elements in the right proportion, it either will not work, will be too complicated or it will be too dangerous.

Novices should be extremely wary of instruments that are unnecessarily flashy or loaded with “bells and whistles”. Like the Ray Tube makers, all that meaningless technology, merely makes the product more profitable for them. “Bling-bling” has nothing to do with efficacy whatsoever.

We are not in a hurry. If you doubt what we say, go ahead and buy another. When it does not do the job for you, we will still be here. Take your time. Compare results and hardware, instead of rhetoric. Compare and prove it to yourself so that you can be as sure of what we are doing as we are. A recent question from a confused customer: “Your competitor makes a Zapper. It has 4.5 volts, 4.5 milliamps at 15 Hz. At $125, is it worth it?”

Answer: Model A output is twice what Rife used. It covers the entire therapeutic spectrum, and is custom programmed using our $10,000 machine. Although the Model A costs a bit more than a zapper, it is hundreds of times more effective. 7 hours on a zapper is equivalent to 5 minutes on Model A. What do you think?

In some ways, using devices other than JWLABS, is like using IE instead of Netscape, or Firefox. The Netscape people invented the original browser. IE is just a copy. Firefox is almost a bulletproof program, with many innovations the IE does not possess. While IE still has lots of holes and flaws. The Netscape people have a lot more experience, and make a better product for that reason. IE will simply never be able to catch up.

The best reason to use Firefox instead of IE, is that IE uses unfair market practice, while Netscape conducts their business in the true spirit of honest business. They rely on their superior product to gather customers. So, in many ways, only the Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox producers deserve our business, because they have earned their place, and our loyalty. It is typical that the unethical business also makes an inferior product. That is because they are serving themselves, and not the customer. This is easy to observe if you take the time.

Why should I deal with your company over another?

There are some very good reasons. JWLABS has…

1) The finest machines, based on decades of research and development.
2) The earnest customer service.
3) The most remarkable warranty.
4) The most experience.

There are a lot of other reasons, but the above are the ones we brag about the most. If you review the FAQ: “What makes your machines better than others?”, you will see some good arguments.

Most users realize that quality customer service can be more important than anything else. This is even more true than is immediately apparent. We know how to make inferior machines work better, because we know how to do the therapy. Though our customer service is really only for our customers, we are have sometimes been able to help people in trouble, even when they only had another product.

We feel that we are set apart from other makers for the reason that we are in the Rife machine business with the goal of eliminating disease. This is distinct from the unethical reason, which is merely to profit from those who are ill. Someday, we hope to be able to provide our services with a results guarantee. As the business is today, this is not possible. We make up for this by providing the best possible service.

How do you avoid the FDA?

We don’t. And neither should you. We cannot give legal advice, but it’s our opinion that so long as what you are doing does not infringe on the domains of conventional medicine, and you are not misleading people in your presentations, you should have nothing to fear of the FDA.

It’s important to be conservative in approaching the therapy, and if representing it to others, that you not make or imply claims. While it’s true that many users report successes with numerous conditions, we cannot presume that the next person will enjoy the same results with a similar approach. One size does not fit all in these matters. This is why we are so earnest about helping our customers customize their protocols according to how their body is responding.

Each JWLABS customer must sign an agreement which makes it clear that they are acquiring a device that is being made available for experimental purposes. And that when we provide coaching, we are simply helping them along in there trial and error efforts to resolve their health concerns. In short, we are not practicing medicine.

We urge our users that, in their enthusiasm about their success, they do not represent to others that these devices will cure the ailments of others who express interest. There is hope, yes. With good reason, based on what we understand about the science. But we would rather err on the side of caution and keep expectations reasonable. In short, we would rather under promise and over deliver!

You may have noticed that there are numerous devices coming to market which are based on the principles we employ in our instruments. Those which have acquired approval from the FDA are typically limited in their approval for only one purpose. The TENS unit, for instance, was the first device approved (the year after royal Rife passed away) based on this technology. Of course it’s under powered compared to what we deliver, and the range of frequencies is minute, but many folks achieve pain relief with the device. And that is the only purpose for which it’s approved.

More recently, we see devices which are approved and sold for sleep enhancement, eye health, facial rejuvenation, and so forth. We have elected to not pursue FDA approval for the very reason that the full spectrum of viable applications for this technology would be limited.

The powers that be cannot profit from a multi purpose instrument which truly has the ability to enhance the immune system and decrease the load of pathogens. It flies in the face of the conventional medical paradigm.
We are here not merely for profit, but for posterity. Striving to keep available a grandfathered technology which we all have a right to know about. Intending to make a difference in the quality of life for generations to come. One household at a time.

No hiding. No pretense. Just straightforward technological advances which make this therapy potent enough for clinics, but easy to use for the common man. This marks our earnest effort to make a difference in what sometimes seems like an upside-down world.

How can I use this in my medical practice?

Most conventional doctors can’t. They are constrained by the rules of the AMA, and other local and state laws, which pretty much forbid anything that is not FDA approved. We have had numerous referrals from doctors and other practitioners. This is often the safest way for them to help get the word out.

Other types of practices may be far less restricted, and the technology is allowed in most other countries. When we last checked, Georgia, Nevada, Arkansas, Oregon, and California were fairly tolerant.

For those not in the medical field, there are no restrictions, but what you say about the therapy, and how it is presented, makes all the difference. If you have any doubts at all, the Model A devices were designed with this problem in mind. Model A instruments may be used in a very special way, that is non medical, in that it can be used and presented as entertainment. We can instruct you how to make the therapy available in this way.

Clinicians should take the time to really learn about the machine, as what it is and what it does may surprise you. Never assume that you already know. And, do not get angry at us because we did not inform you of the possible hazards that you may encounter. We always give the cautions, but a practitioner is expected to know these things and to ask the relevant questions until they are clear.

We do our best, but if you miss the point, or ignore a statement or a caution, it could come back to bite you. Your use of the machine as a clinician is exactly the same as any other user from our point of view. You must be an experienced user to know what you are talking about, so it’s important to experiment with your device fully before making it available to others.

This is a process that we have taken many thousands of people through successfully. You will need to do the same thing, unless you want to find out the hard way, and discover that there are some very serious mistakes that you can make if you do not have a solid grasp of the basics. Also, do not assume that what is said about other devices will pertain to ours. Most competing devices that you may be familiar with are not at all the same.

We provide a comprehensive user manual, with all the same sort of data that you would expect to find in any medical reference. This is meant for advanced users only, and it is exclusively available to JWLABS users.

As per our written agreement, required by all users of JWLABS Model machines, if we feel that you are a danger to yourself or to others, we reserve the right to withdraw the machine from your possession at any time. We have never had to exercise this option, but we will if people get hurt. We have had to rein people in when they were being too aggressive or presumed to know too much and got themselves in trouble with a severe reaction in their subject. We feel it is our job to protect the public where we can.

How can I introduce this to my friends without looking like a nut?

Once you have a good understanding of what the machine can do, and you have used it yourself for a while, you may face a dilemma that many JWLABS users eventually must come to grips with. How do you give this vital knowledge to people you know have a need? Unfortunately, unless your friends have indicated an active interest in alternative remedies, they will probably not listen to you anyway.

It can be very difficult or impossible to talk someone into it, especially if they do not have any problem that seems hopeless to them. Nevertheless, many of us feel compelled to try. This is where the Model A devices can be a great help.

JWLABS Model A instruments are able to instantaneously convert almost any audio signal into a therapeutic spectral output. In other words, when music from a media device is input, Model A will turn part of that signal into tactile music. Tactile music is music therapy, and although it is entertainment in that form, it will amplify all of the aspects of music that we find enjoyable by many, many times. It’s fun. it’s harmless, it feels terrific, and it is totally non-medical in nature. We call this feature Tactio® and it appears on Model A 3- 4 units.

People benefit from this, whether they are ill or not. In the case of illness, if the Rife therapy can help them they will likely notice a minor, positive change in their condition. Most notably, improved energy. In this way Model A instruments provide an innocuous means of introducing people to the benefits of the therapy, without having to spend a lot of time explaining things. If it helps them, they will likely want more. If they get curious about it, they will start asking questions. Once they are showing a real interest, you can refer them to us for assistance.

Please remember that the help that we give you will probably not be the same for them, because the cautions that are relevant to their condition are likely to be different. In most cases we try to give folks only the information that they need to deal with their specific problem, so that they are not confused, especially in the beginners stages, by too much information. We are happy to share, but we do not want to waste your time with data that is not important to you.

We encourage you to try our Tactio® feature which brings a whole new dimension to one’s experience of music and delivers therapeutic energy which can be meaningful for many.

Does the US government know about Rife machines?

Absolutely. And, it is becoming increasingly well known around the world. We gave the technology to the Department of Defense back in the 80’s. They responded very positively. Their interest was primarily in the medical aspects of the technology. It does not lend itself to being made into a weapon. The frequency based weapons that they have developed, use microwave.

JWLABS Model machines are a true therapeutic. In this true form, it does not use any frequencies that can be harmful to the body or that have the capacity to kill human cells like some so-called Rife machines do. Ray tubes must utilize a carrier wave, that is either in the microwave range, or are closely approaching microwave. Microwave begins at 33 Megahertz. 15MHz will produce harmonics in microwave. Go to our Tech Stuff link, located on the JWLABS web site for more technical information about the basic physics of JWLABS Rife machines.

The DOD research, which was very extensive, pertained largely to energies that happened to be identical to those we use. This was fortuitous. But Rife, and the technology that has been in use these many years was unknown to them. They are not as open about things now as they once were. If we had attempted the same thing just a few years ago, it would probably have been a far different outcome. But make no mistake about it, in the three decades we have been offering really good devices of this kind, many important people, including politicians have enjoyed its benefits. So, they know that what we do is real. It is not a sham in any way.

We believe that there is little doubt the presence of JWLABS Model machines have served as a deterrent to modern biological warfare. This is a two edged sword, however, because it means that before any biological weapon can be deployed, it must be capable of getting past the incredibly effective technology that has been developed, not only by us, but also by the DOD in secret.

Today, there are only a handful of microbes that are not immediately rendered harmless, and among those, only Lyme disease has any meaningful resistance. You may be interested to know that in spite of this resistance, JWLABS Model machines are very popular among those who suffer from this problem, in part, because we have developed effective procedures.

Can I take my machine on an airplane?

Model A3 and Model A4 are compact devices, small enough to fit in a hand bag. We recommend that you not pack your machine in checked luggage, but carry it on board. It will go through the x-ray devices with no problem. In the rare instance that you are asked about the instrument, we suggest that you refer to it in one of two ways:

• It’s a music adapter. (The Tactio® feature qualifies it as such.)
• It’s a device you use for pain relief. (TENS units are now common place and they have paved the way for mainstream acceptance of electromedicine.)

Our Model A4 is a self-contained unit. We have even used it during a domestic commercial air flight.

No one even raised an eye brow!

We might add that it helped famously with fatigue and jet lag.

Will you give me a discount for being in another country?

It is a mystery to many people why US-made drugs and medical products are sold at a premium in the US but are offered at deep discounts to buyers in other nations. Whatever the reason, it is not something that JWLABS is party to.
We have been asked for discounts on the grounds that the exchange rate for their currency into US dollars is unfavorable. We cannot compensate for this.

We are often asked to provide purchase receipts that reflect a different (lower) price than the actual selling price, for the purpose of avoiding taxes and customs fees in the nation to which it is sent. Again, we cannot compensate for these penalties, and we certainly will not falsify documents for that, or any other purpose.

For international shipments, the purchaser will be responsible for any additional costs imposed by the receiving nation. It is therefore a good strategy to speak to a customs officer in advance, to determine what the fees are and what the procedure will involve and how long it will take for them to process.

What's a reasonable price for a Rife machine?

The true cost of any Rife machine, provided it works, is very small if you calculate what it saves you and how long it takes to pay for itself in this way. The cost of operation is negligible.

There are some very wide disparities between the price of machines of various manufacture, and their effective value. If the machine is nothing more than a modified function generator, it is worth a few hundred dollars, and will usually produce 10 to 20 percent of Rife’s original effectiveness. These are going to take much longer to perform the same task as a more efficient machine. So if you have to pay thousands of dollars for this kind of device, it’s very expensive in more ways than just price.

Compare to a common $59 zapper, even with only 2 percent of the effectiveness it’s a good value for what you pay. Digitally controlled instruments will not be able to achieve frequencies in fine enough increments for a lot of the applications, and again, fall far short of the mark. Prices for these types are fair between $200 and $600, with efficacy about 20 to 30 percent of Rife’s original machines.

Machines that are not scratch-built by the manufacturer, such as modified function generators, are contraptions composed of two or three off-the-shelf units that are cabled together. A function generator, an amplifier, and in some cases, a CB radio. The cost of the hardware for such a contraption usually exceeds its effective value by two or three times. All such machines are at the hobbyist level, and are appropriate for the user who would like to make his own, given a smattering of electronics knowledge.

Past the “tinkerer” stage, scratch-built, independently engineered machines, might still be made in a garage somewhere. This is the device that starts with a function generator chip, and the machine is designed around that. These are usually better because at least the maker is serious about it, and is usually really trying to do a good job. A fair amount of physics is required as well as electronics, and these fields of expertise must be blended to achieve the correct parameters, assuming they know them.

Unfortunately, the efficacy of home built machines start at only 2 percent of the original, and may be more depending on what the maker actually knows. A bottom line hardware plus labor cost for garage built machines should be $300 to $500. It should be noted that most home made machines have not endured the test of time, and are not subjected to quality control as professionally manufactured devices must be. But they can be a good value, provided the maker is doing it for love and not money. Most home made devices are sold near cost, so you would expect to pay $500 to $1000, but efficacy will be a gamble.

When weighing the values versus the prices of zappers, home made or hobbyist machines which get much above a few hundred dollars, the prospective user is normally better off obtaining a TENS unit by prescription from their doctor.
The Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulator, is based on Rife technology, and is approved, well tested, and readily available. These may be covered by medical insurance and purchased very inexpensively, with little or no risk. Designed primarily for pain relief, the TENS unit is a limited function Rife instrument, which actually has many more applications than it was approved for. Many JWLABS customers have taken this route before buying a full function Rife machine. This allows them to become familiar with the basic technique, and to safely determine if the Rife machine is a necessary next step. If the TENS device turns out not to be enough to get the job done, a more serious device may be required.

Like any unregulated business, there is a certain undesirable element who operates on the PT Barnum theory that “there is a sucker born every minute”. Users who have no experience with Rife technology need to be extremely cautious, recognizing that they have not yet acquired the knowledge to judge quality and value for themselves. Even among those who have been experimenting with various types of Rife device for many years, are still sometimes fooled by clever marketing and unfounded or unrealistic claims.

Top quality Rife instruments have been able to accomplish amazing things and this is the truth. But the majority of those accomplishments were not done with home made Ray Beam contraptions, zappers or digital imitations. So, it is not appropriate for makers of such devices to claim equal efficacy, or to cite the achievements of devices that vastly exceed anything lesser machines can do. This would be like pointing out that the world land speed record exceeds the sound barrier, therefore you should pay the same price for a motorized skateboard. There are similarities, but they are obviously not capable of the same performance. Again, buyer beware.

Or pricing of JWLABS Model A instruments, see this link.

Can JWLABS machines treat more than one person at a time?

Both Model A models can treat two people at once, but the circumstances of this type of use are fairly specific. Normally, it is only appropriate for one person to use the machine at any one time. One of the selling points of broadcast type machines which are copies of Rife’s Ray Tube applicator is that it can be placed in a room full of people. Rife never used the Ray Tube in this way, for a number of important reasons. This method is a fantasy of many practitioners, but any doctor will tell you that it is generally unwise to give a whole group of physically challenged people exactly the same thing.

It is our experience that broadcast machines are not appropriate for Rife therapy, as they were intended only to treat the microscope, in the pursuit of proof for the theory of frequency. These “ray” machines use a carrier wave, (AM radio broadcast wave) either producing microwave, or the harmonics of microwave, which can kill human cells. Brain cells are most vulnerable. These machines may produce some limited effect, but the risks greatly exceed the potential benefits of which they are capable.

Rife used the frequency Instrument (the transducer) for therapy, which by design cannot kill human cells. The wave form of a transducer is entirely beyond the range of frequency that correspond to human body structures in a destructive way. That is, any frequency that approaches the length of your body. The shortest wavelength used in JWLABS Model machines is 18 feet. Microwave is measured in centimeters.

To use the Model A devices, each person uses a separate set of electrode wires. It’s important that it be established that the same therapeutic routine is appropriate for each user. The person who is most sensitive to the tactile sensation of the energy flow is to be in charge of the amplitude.

For a demonstration of the Model A devices see our videos section.

Can you refer me to any successful users?

We have provided this service. However, our privacy policy requires that all such referrals are by permission only. Unless the circumstances and conditions are very similar, such referrals may not be indicative in the ways many prospective users hope.

More than 99 percent of our customers are successful, according to reasonable expectations. But many users will not agree to being contacted and will not accept referrals. Of those who are open to this, a very wide variety of afflictions are being treated. Unless their problem is very similar, such a referral may not be relevant.

If you want a character reference, or would simply like to speak with a user who has been successful with something other than the exact problem that you are experiencing, these references are usually plentiful, as you would expect.
The only restriction that exists on this sort of referral, is that each customer must give specific permission for each referral, and we generally do not refer to the same customer more than a few times, so as not to “wear-out our welcome” in this regard.

Please note that in the past, we have had prospective customers abuse the generosity of our established customers. To our chagrin, this experience has influenced our inclination to direct folks to our people.

That said, we will do our best to accommodate, as we deem appropriate.

Can you refer me to a practitioner?

A fair number of our users are doctors and practitioners who have obtained their instruments for their own private use and are not willing to make their personal use of the machine known.

Most practitioners who are also users will accept referrals from us, but only for local patients. These are rare events, even though our users cover all of the US and most of the world. Since the development of our Model A4 the volume of practitioners using our devices has leapt, but practitioners remain only a small percentage of our customer base.

Conventional licensed doctors who are also users, do not offer this therapy to their patients for two reasons. First, the method is not approved for their use. Second, the technology is designed to be applied by the user, and does not lend itself in most cases, to practitioners use on patients.

We do have a number of practitioners who function outside the parameters of conventional medicine. They maintain a low profile. They must not advertise that they use this technology. And they generally teach their patients to use the technology in the secure environment of their office. In other words, they “supervise” the session, rather than “treat”.

When you grasp how easy it is to use our machines, and you appreciate the history of fine design and support, you will understand that our Model A instruments are much more cost-effective than going to a practitioner for treatments. A sensible and reliable approach to home therapy.

Why don't you participate in Rife forums?

There are reasons we don’t wish to participate in Rife forums.

First, our primary commitment is to the customer. We are a small company, devoted to customer service, and we prefer not to detract from our availability to our customers to attend events which are primarily dedicated to promoting the wares of the participants.

Forums are supposed to be for the consumer to share experiences, not for marketing. Hopefully this will change as more reasonable forum environments are created.

For a Rife forum to serve the people as it should, it must be free of deceptive marketing practices. Since these forums have often been dominated by abusive and disruptive influences, our involvement in such things appears imprudent. To spend our valuable time arguing to defend our honor in an arena that is both unfair as well as uninformed would be wasteful and undignified.

At times, customers call us in a state of outrage by the untruths that are often found in such forums. They ask for answers to these assaults, because they feel compelled to defend us. We can only point out that those whose arguments are well founded will bring their thoughts to us directly, rather than use them merely to slander us anonymously somewhere. We address all the real problems and questions directly.

It has been a long time since we have heard any grounded arguments of dissent. Could this mean that the Rife machine is no longer in doubt at that level, for the most part? In our 30 years of making machines, there must have been hundreds of thousands of users, the vast majority of whom achieved enough results to know that the machine works and is not a fraud or a placebo.

We don’t need to prove ourselves in a venue that is fraught with confusion and/or contention. We merely stand on our accomplishments and stay true to our customers. And yes, we are changing how people protect their health, one household at a time.

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