Disclaimer & Customer Agreement

The information on this site should not be construed as personal medical advice or instruction.

JWLABS does not perform therapy. While we can responsibly refer to some of the successes of end-users, individual results may vary greatly, and we cannot and do not make claims about the results that can be achieved or that any action may or may not cure or prevent a desease. It is highly recommended and advised that anyone looking to experiment with any type of Rife machine consult with a qualified health practitioner before doing so.

In the event that our counselling is contradictory to a doctor’s orders, the user must take the doctor’s orders first. If the user chooses not to take a doctor’s orders, the responsibility for such action must remain with the user.

JWLABS Customer Agreement

A responsible dealer, distributor or manufacturer of Rife machines must provide adequate customer service to assist the user whenever they need basic guidance without increasing their liability in an environment where many of the customers suffer from chronic, incurable, terminal or undiagnosed disease.

To ensure that user expectations are in line with reality, assure safety and success in home therapy, and ensure each customer knows how to use the device safely and are realizing adequate results, it is important that we have reasonable access to, and good communication with, the user. Whether healthy or afflicted, all users should be contacted on a regular basis to help to avoid mistakes such as over use. This open channel is essential to safety in light of the fact that our machines are extremely potent.

Limitations of Liability

JWLABS defines the limitations of liability more appropriately for the long-term relationship that is expected, changing the relationship to one that is more closely aligned with the realities of user needs than a buyer-seller waiver might. Full disclosure is one obvious need in this regard.

Fraud Security

JWLABS eliminates the possibility of fraud, or misrepresentation, asserts the competency of the user, and reserves all JWLABS discretionary remedial options as a contractor, to assure customer safety and satisfaction, substantially through customer service and technical support.

JWLABS Representation

JWLABS expects all representatives to abide by the law and to operate according to impeccable ethical standards. Representatives are expected to recognize that merely because an action or policy is not expressly illegal, it doesn’t mean that it is in any way ethical. We only select representatives whom we believe are motivated by a sincere desire to help others.

With this said, the company cannot enforce dictatorial control of dealers and distributors. Representatives of JWLABS must be free to make use of their own style and to operate their business in the ways they are accustomed. We make every effort to explain the logic of our methods to all those who represent us, but it is often their differences, and their personality which makes them successful. Therefore, we do not expect that all of the rules we operate by will be adhered to by all representatives. Inconsistencies that may come from this expectation is needed to encourage innovation in marketing, presentation and strategy among those who represent our products.

Products and Services Goals

The products and services of JWLABS are designed around the goal that all customers realize the results they expect. Obviously, we cannot guarantee success or results of any kind, for any user. To do so would be contradictory to our customer agreement and would likely be construed as fraud. We do help users succeed in every way possible.

The machine comes with a very general application appropriate for a beginner. It is a general rule that all new users start with this application for the first few weeks, and not advance to more specific applications until they have learned to evaluate their progress and set the cadence and intensity of their routine. Although an audio tutorial is provided with each machine, a first session walk-through with customer service either in person or by phone is required.

Most failures fall into the following categories: lack of use; incorrect and improper use; or withholding vital information, including drug addiction, alcoholism, unhealthful habits or self-destructive behavior; Other significant failures may be caused by misdiagnosis, untreatable or incomprehensible conditions, genetic or inherited conditions, physical anomalies, and very advanced or hopeless cases that are not reported or are unidentified or unknown to the user.

If a user does not succeed, we will buy back a unit only under the conditions of the customer agreement. The customer may also resell their machine to a private party for private use. If we can assist in such sales, we will. The actions we take in such cases is determined in part by the amount of cooperation we have from the user, and specifically by the opportunity they give us to examine the reason they did not succeed, if it is not apparent.

Our customers always know that we are available every day for consultation. Customers are not required to report their results. Although we welcome success stories and testimonials, our focus is on those who do not realize the results we expect. Though we love to learn how a user succeeds, we very much need to learn all that we can about any user who does not.

Machine Use Responsibility

Regardless of the amount of concern we demonstrate, or the amount of help we offer, the use of the machine is the responsibility of the user alone. In every way we can, we encourage them to use the device safely and effectively.

We offer many cautions; failure to observe these cautions or our failure to point out or to stress cautions correctly for individual users, is a hazard that is characteristic to any therapy of great power.

We also expect every user to use common sense and refrain from using the Rife machine in a way that may cause harm. Burning the skin due to bad contact, turning the power up too high, using it on others, or applying it to an area where there is nerve damage or lack of feeling are a few of the ways a user might cause harm to themselves that can be easily avoided.

Lifetime Warranty

We offer our Rife machines under a lifetime warranty. “Lifetime” means that as long as JWLABS is in business, or so long as the user is alive, whichever is less, the warranty on all machines is guaranteed.

Right of Recall

JWLABS reserves the right to withdraw or recall an instrument from a user we feel is incompetent. We only ask for your trust that we do not intend to misuse this clause and to consider why we would use it at all.

For example, if we are called by a potential user with a terminal disease, we will respond with a normal procedural interview to help us determine their suitability for the therapy. If they are not suitable for the therapy for any reason that we did not discover until after the unit was shipped, we reserve the right, in some cases, to recall that unit in order to protect them from doing harm to themselves.

There are other cases of incompetency or customer fraud which might not be immediately apparent to us at the time of the transaction. We might exercise this clause if:

  • a competitor is masquerading as a customer merely to analyze or to reverse engineer our technology. In such an instance we would not issue a refund, and we may take legal steps to recover the device were it not returned on demand;
  • a user has misrepresented their intent for the use of the machine;
  • a user misrepresents the machine in any way to prospective buyers, via electronic media, the postal service, or other marketing vehicle. Re-sellers of JWLABS machines may do so according to distributorship or other written agreement with JWLABS. Marketing permission is not given in the standard customer agreement.
  • there is a noticeable and clear defect with the machine;
  • we have reason to believe that a user will do better with a different model of JWLABS machine than the one they paid for. We may insist that the unit is returned before we replace it with another.

Transaction Responsibility

Machines that are acquired through a distributor or practitioner may not be covered by our customer agreement. All such transactions are the responsibility of the distributor or re-seller, and in all cases where the customer is not registered with JWLABS, we may reserve the right to withhold all or any part of the services and warranties we offer, at our sole discretion. In most cases, we will give full support to any holder of JWLABS models, provided there is good communication between them and our staff.

We cannot guarantee that our products and services are permitted in the area in which a user resides.

Use of the products may interfere with conventional tests and other remedies.

The advice and counseling that a user receives from JWLABS is tailored for their specific needs, and should not in most cases, be applied to other users of the same equipment.