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pH – Acid-Alkaline Balance is a Key to Good Health

By | Discussions with John Wright | 2 Comments

John discusses the subject of properly alkalizing the body in order to foster detoxification and good health. He points out the down side of consistently adding alkaline salts to raise pH. This subject has become quite controversial in the alternative health world. Please do your homework before committing to a course of action, especially if it requires an expensive investment.

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Updates at JWLABS

By | Stay Tuned Blog, Updates | 2 Comments

In this update, I have taken more time with some issues. There is certainly a bit more public dissent, generally, in the US, and this update reflects that. But it is not, I hope, too raving. As always, I have repeated and reworded many times the main safety issues that I feel need to be stressed the most. I still…

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