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JWLABS Rife Machine – success with Diabetes type 1 (short version)

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JWLABS customer tells his story of success with his Model A Rife machine in addressing Diabetes type 1. Instead of insulin, he now uses his Model A to manage his disease. In the aftermath of a major heart attack, Christoph researched alternative health approaches. His story demonstrates that he used his Model A Rife machine safely and effectively. He has…

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The Rife Machine – For Optimum Health and Fiscal Prudence

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Many of us are compelled these days to seek alternatives in resolving concerns which are dear to our hearts. For growing numbers, it’s a requirement for economic survival. For some, their very existence depends on taking new measures. In an effort to lower costs and improve efficiency, many of us have: Traded in our vehicles for Hybrids or other cars…

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Another Customer Visits JWLABS

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Suzanne has been a customer since 2007. She loves her Model A, and she has been a true supporter of JWLABS. Here’s what she has to say about her recent visit: “Suzanne Wasilik,  long time Model  A user,  finally  meets  her mentors,  John Wright and Cherry Maly in person,  and trades in her [injured] machine for a new one!  She…

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