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Model A Rife Machine – Basic Effects

By | Discussions with John Wright, Rife Advancement | 12 Comments

Here, John Wright explores the basic effects of his state-of-the-art Rife machine, the Model A. In development for 18 years, Model A was perfected in 2004.  Our device delivers most potent frequencies in a compact and user-friendly format. John addresses the following: The uptake of electrons is converted to ATP, the result being an improvement in energy which many people…

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GOT PETS? Use your Model A to protect their health and hasten recovery from injury and/or illness.

By | Stay Tuned Blog | 13 Comments

Model A is being used effectively with many of our four-legged friends. Here are just a few examples from our customers: Vivian is using her model A to help a rescue kitty. Found in a parking lot of a shabby strip mall, this little one was named “Marlowe” for Philip Marlow, the detective. This intrepid feline was on the hunt…

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JWLABS Model A Outperforms Customer’s Digital Machine – The WOW Factor!

By | Stay Tuned Blog | No Comments

Time is a precious commodity. For those of us in business, life demands a conscious examination of our priorities and productivity. For those who are ill, it is imperative that our time is used wisely and effectively. We must make choices that ensure recovery and quality of life; we must garner the tools which forward our health goals in the…

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