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A Word from John Wright

By | Discussions with John Wright | 4 Comments

I started out building Rife-type devices for folks in 1987. My estimation of the industry at that time was such that I was reluctant to enter it. Even today, my opinion of most of the information on the internet which claims to represent Rife technology is that it is grossly misleading….or just plain WRONG! Many of the devices found on…

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The Dangerous Rife Machine – What Some Manufacturers Don’t Disclose

By | Articles, Discussions with John Wright | 22 Comments

When we examine the frequency spectrum in nature, we observe that almost all frequencies generated in the earth are in the audio range, meaning the part that you can hear. Although there is a minimal amount of background radiation noise, the percentage of exposure it represents is very very small, indeed. In short, frequencies in the audio range are the…

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Finding Magic!

By | Stay Tuned Blog | No Comments

When we maintain a stance of being open to possibilities, the rewards can surprise and delight us. One evening, shortly after Thanksgiving of last year, I was puttering in the kitchen preparing for dinner. My eyes were drawn suddenly to the window-paned door which leads to the patio. A small black-and-white feline face was beckoning to me; and though I…

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JWLABS – Better Than the “Recipe Approach” to Rife Technology

By | Articles, Stay Tuned Blog | 2 Comments

Our strategy for effectively working with the Rife machine is different from what most people encounter elsewhere on the internet.  We think, upon reading, that you will conclude that our approach is more sophisticated and more complete. People often ask us about frequency lists. They want to know how to determine the “right frequency” for their ailment. These questions derive…

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