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Rife Technology – Re-visiting “Rife Follies”

By | Articles, Stay Tuned Blog | One Comment

How does one discern the truth about Rife technology?  And how do we make a sound decision regarding choosing a Rife machine?  We speak to people daily who are grappling with this. Increasingly, the consumer is challenged to sort out fact from fiction, truth from hyperbole.   We are faced with excruciating choices with respect to our finances, our politics,…

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JWLABS Rife machines – We’ve come a Long Way!

By | Discussions with John Wright, Rife Advancement | 11 Comments

Back in the old days, Rife machines were much more delicate and fairly temperamental.  To illustrate just how extreme this could sometimes be, the JWLABS Model B always had a grounded binding post and instructions that explained how to ground the machine using a wire bolted to a garden spade.  The wire was inserted into the binding post, and the…

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Dr. Rife

The Royal Rife Story

By | Discussions with John Wright | 5 Comments

There’s a lot more to the history of Royal Rife than the facts alone. One of those things is the perspective that one has of those facts depending, of course, on your own history. So if you began observing the progress of the history personally, from start to finish, you know what came before and you know what part of…

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