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JWLABS – Better Than the “Recipe Approach” to Rife Technology

By November 4, 2012 2 Comments

Our strategy for effectively working with the Rife machine is different from what most people encounter elsewhere on the internet.  We think, upon reading, that you will conclude that our approach is more sophisticated and more complete.

People often ask us about frequency lists. They want to know how to determine the “right frequency” for their ailment. These questions derive from a simplistic understanding of Rife technology that we sometimes call a “Recipe approach”.

The fact that frequency lists abound on the internet gives rise to the impression that if one just has the right numbers to dial in, the “cure” will follow. This leads to a false understanding of the technology. In fact, it “dumbs down” the rhetoric of the industry itself.

Frequency lists represent a “recipe approach” to Rife technology.

Working with Rife technology is much more complex than what is generally believed. Let’s examine why this is so. We’ll start with the historical fact that Dr. Rife isolated the frequencies which would de-vitalize specific microbes under his microscope, thus proving his frequency theory.

What many people overlook is that Dr. Rife and his colleagues worked assiduously to produce the proper medium for their cultures. And in that aspect of their work, they observed that the characteristics of the microbes changed depending on the constituents of the medium.

It has…been demonstrated that the virus of cancer, like the viruses of other diseases, can be easily changed from one form to another by means of altering the media upon which it is grown….

….It is Dr. Rife’s belief that all micro-organisms fall into 1 of not more than 10 individual groups,…. and that any alteration of artificial media or slight metabolic variation in tissues will induce an organism of one group to change over to any other organism included in that same group, it being possible, incidentally, to carry such changes in media or tissues to the point where the organisms fail to respond to standard laboratory methods of diagnosis. These changes can be made to take place in as short a period of time as 48 hours.Smithsonian Institution Annual report 1944 The New Microscopes by R.E. Seidel, M.D. and M. Elizabeth Winter pages193-220 (Read complete paper HERE.)

Dr. Rife, himself, states: “‘In reality, it is not the bacteria themselves that produce the disease, but we believe it is the chemical constituents of these micro-organisms enacting upon the unbalanced cell metabolism of the human body that in actuality produce the disease. We also believe if the metabolism of the human body is perfectly balanced or poised, it is susceptible to no disease.’”

Against the background of this research, how can it be possible to presume that we have the right numbers on the frequency lists pertaining to the individual organism living within our own bodies? There are simply too many variables.

In short, the micro-organism resonates differently in each body. The biological terrain affects the very nature of the organism; it constitutes the medium. This terrain is influenced, even shaped, by many factors. Our lifestyle, our history of illness and/or injury, our stress levels. All these, and more, contribute to the very nature of the system in which these organisms exist.

Microbes change their frequencies as they adjust to the medium in which they live.

We trust that this establishes for the reader that having the “right” frequency is just part of the picture. If this is the extent of your knowledge, you are likely to miss the mark. You may have what has been deemed the right frequency, but the wrong approach.

We are not implying that the frequencies used are not significant. Rather, we are paving the way for our customers to have a more complete understanding of what is involved.

A spirochete or a virus is going to live differently in your body and mine. In fact, it has morphed as it has resided in each of us. Someone who contracts an infection – be it fungal, bacterial, or viral, is going to have a different animal, so to speak, than one who has been carrying that same microbe for period of time. Furthermore the B.X. Virus, for example, (which Dr. Rife named) is not likely of the same frequency as it was over 80 years ago.

It’s understood by the pharmaceutical companies that these viruses mutate over time. For this reason, they must modify their drugs in order to remain “in the zone” with respect to their effectiveness. Logic presumes that the same is true for the resonant frequency.

For the reasons discussed above, when you work with the JWLABS Model A you have available to you trillions of frequencies. You do not have to be concerned about tuning them correctly because we have done that for you. You have full-bodied comprehensive frequency sessions which are tuned from our analog machine. We’ve taken the guess work out of it for you, and we provide personalized coaching along the way. All of this, to allow for the mutations. The aberrations. The nuances which are unique to you.

Bear this in mind: We know in what range of frequencies the viruses can live. The fungi, the bacteria, and the parasites. With our professionally tuned sessions, you will be able to scroll through the entire therapeutic spectrum. Over time, you will pass through each range which provides ample sweeping and pausing in key places to assure that you are effectively eradicating each targeted pathogen.

As a JWLABS customer, you have the benefit of support wherein we will help you to adjust your strategy and approach in order to maximize your effectiveness and your safety.

We think that once you grasp the difference in our philosophy with respect to Rife technology, you will appreciate that a “recipe approach” leaves a lot to be desired.

Note: All JWLABS customers must have a signed agreement on file which stipulates their understanding that Model A is an experimental device, and that in the course of providing customer service we are not practicing medicine.

Cherry Maly Wright

About Cherry Maly Wright

Cherry acquired her first Wright Laboratories Rife machine in 1999. Motivated by a long-held interest in health and wellness, she understood the value of the basic effects of Rife technology and the significance of employing it for general wellness as well as crisis intervention. Formerly a massage therapist, she became a JWLABS Distributor in Chicago. After nearly two years, she came on board full time in 2001 to manage Sales and Customer Support. She is now Executive Director of Wright Laboratories LLC, directing Customer Support, Sales and Marketing strategies and working hand in hand with the engineering team for ongoing product development. Cherry's history includes Midwest Regional Manager with Logonet Inc, a company specializing in Ontological Design which was established by Dr. Fernando Flores. After nearly five years with the Flores organization, she marketed other nationally known speakers and trainers in the personal and executive coaching industry including William Hanrahan and Dr.Teri Mahaney. These teachers have had a profound impact on Cherry's personal and professional development, and they are a reflection of her personal commitment to helping people be more effective in life. For well over twenty years, that commitment has been expressed in the realm of helping people toward wellness.


  • Roy G Smith says:

    This is an excellent post….there is no doubt in my mind having been involved with Rife tech over 12 years that JWL has the nail hit squarely on the head. Their knowledge is paramount to understanding how Rife can assist in the resoution of many diseases cause by virus and bacteria. What is more important is thet they also understand that we need about 650 GOOD bacteria to assist in 100% digestion of our food. Now we do not want to damage these friendly Bacteria… What we need is more MD’s and HMO’s who realize the potential of this treatment and use microscopic blood observations and tests to tune the rife experience..we may well see the complete resolution to many exotic diseases including Cancer!.

  • Leonard Vulpe, MD (Romania) says:

    Great post. This clarifies a lot. We do not “catch” diseases. We build them. Germs or microbes flourish as scavengers at the site of disease. They are just living on the unprocessed metabolic waste and diseased, malnourished, nonresistant tissue in the first place. They are not the cause of the disease, any more than flies and maggots cause garbage. Flies, maggots, and rats do not cause garbage but rather feed on it. Mosquitoes do not cause a pond to become stagnant! You always see firemen at burning buildings, but that doesn’t mean they caused the fire…It is the old “Pasteur versus Bechamp” controversy.

    Traditional Western medicine teaches and practices the doct

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