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As a member of the JWLABS Model A4 family, you have access to special exclusive content. This material is not available for the public.
Please do not share with people outside you household.

We will periodically update this material so we invite you to check-in from time to time.

Member-Only Blogs

Member-only blog posts may include detailed health information only available to our respected members.

Uncensored Testimonials

Member-only testimonials include references to specific examples of how the Model A has helped our customers, past and present.

Refined Navigation

A refined navigation menu that helps organize your needs in the most efficient way.

Pure Design. Purpose-Built. Packed with Power.

Frequency Matters... Change Your Tune with JWLABS!

Learn How to use the Model A4.1

Watch this informational video to learn more about how you can best utilize the Model A4.1 and all of its remarkable features.

Support & Lifetime Warranty

We love hearing from you!
Call or email us with your questions.

We can’t promise in perpetuity, but in essence, we provide a lifetime warranty on our Model A3 and Model A4 devices.

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Special Financing

Payment plan available for US domestic sales, upon approved credit.

Tactio® Technology

Our innovation to an age old technology, Tactio® allows you to feel the sensation of your music.

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