Cherry Maly started as a Model B user, became a distributor, and finally moved from Chicago to join JWLABS as Customer Service Manager in 2001.

1-888-891-1122 or 1-951-926-6415
Cherry is Web Master of Stay Tuned.

Need HELP with JWLABS Rife machines?

Personal assistance, attention to detail, regular follow ups, and an unlimited customer service policy are some of the things we are famous for. If you have any sort of need for added resources, accessories, related supportive products, or general user questions, StayTuned is always there to help. When you have hardware problems or application questions, call JWLABS directly at 888-523-8695.

help is always a call away

Our own customers come first, always at JWLABS, but when there is time enough, we will also take the calls and help the users of other devices as well as makers of other devices, in that order. If you wonder why we are so open, and why we are willing to spend our time and money on helping any user, the answer is simple. We are here to try to eliminate disease and alleviate suffering in any way that we can. Besides, anyone who has obtained a machine, and has the inclination to use it, deserves to get the help they need. We will not turn any sincere person away.

Our Limitations

The only limitations we have are for those who are minors or incompetent. These must have adult supervision. Obviously, we cannot guarantee results. We cannot promise that we have all the answers and we do not intend to give all the answers, for the reason that we are not doctors and each and every affliction would require volumes of information. But we will gladly give whatever assistance we can by phone as it relates to a specific application, in the hope that this will lead to a better, faster, more reliable outcome.