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JWLABS – Advancing Rife Technology

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Dr. Royal Raymond Machine

JWLABS has a long history of advancing Rife technology. We have been developing purpose-built Rife Machines, or electro-therapy devices, for decades. The design of our devices is intended to appeal to users not interested in learning any more about the technology than they require to operate their instrument safely and effectively.


In the beginning, we were concerned with the problem of sorting out the truth about Rife technology before we could begin engineering.

There are three basic electromagnetic means available for the transference of energy to the body for the purpose of delivering and controlling a variety of frequency potentials. Presumably, all three are capable of a certain amount of induced reaction in the user or subject.

Radio energy, electron energy, and magnetic energy.

The examples of devices Rife had used in his experiments that I was aware of at that time did not include the magnetic therapy. There were engineering reasons behind why we chose not to attempt magnetism, but we did research it. We found the method had a long history in alternative health, and we met with clinicians who had experimented with it for decades on thousands of cases. Later we openly and publicly speculated on the possible ways a custom built, (or purpose-built) device using only magnetism for performing Rife therapy, might be designed and we found it marginally viable.

We were not the first to do this. A flurry of experiments and new designs emerged promptly afterward; and approved products of this kind began to appear on the market within 2 years. As predicted, these devices were effective. But even today, they do not entirely fulfill the expectations of the average Rife machine user. This leaves only Radio and Electron energies.

Rife had employed both in his basic hardware. This consisted of a frequency instrument and a microscope. The microscope was used to observe and to confirm the effects of the frequency instrument. The instrument of choice was actually just a function generator. The Electrodes (being the rods and plates) and the Ray Tube (charged gas in a modified X-Ray tube) were each modes of application, or “applicators”. The Tube was for treating the microscope, and the electrodes were for treating the subject. The hardware definition for a Rife machine is established, as Royal Rife himself used ordinary function generators as therapy devices.

In years past, some makers of Rife therapy devices were literally using unmodified function generators, with nothing more than a label change. This is still done today, although the function generator is often repackaged to give it a purpose-built look. (Rife Digital type devices.)


JWLABS Rife machines are purpose-built throughout. We researched and tested the therapy beginning with a proven circuit theory that only contained the components necessary for this kind of electro-stimulus. Only the therapy parameters for the signal are necessary; all the other signals that a typical function generator, or signal generator, can make have no appreciable therapeutic value. (Wave forms, and range of frequency.) Also, the tuning characteristics and the controls of a function generator are quite inadequate for therapeutic applications, as they are not made for the purpose.

Many JWLABS customers have very specific, or very critical needs, and very little time or money left to deal with them. This means simpler, more cost effective, and more automated devices are the primary issues of the apparent public demand. Thus, our introduction of LiveWires (see below).

JWLABS recorded frequency sessions are a form of music. They are hand-tuned and played with skill, much like any musical instrument is played and the music recorded. The needs of the user are anticipated in the contents of the recording, or score, and the full effects of the therapy can be realized with little or no education required. Safety is the only concern.


The Model A cannot harm human cells, does not cause disease, and has no direct side effects. However, it is extremely potent. Over-use of the Model A will likely result in an increase in symptoms. This can be a real hazard, especially for a new user with a long history of chronic disease. This is not the famous “Herxheimer effect”. It is the user’s physical reaction to massive immune stimulus and sudden detoxification of the system. A healing crisis.

There is no danger, provided the user knows to stop the therapy and allow the effects to pass before they begin again.

Our latest Development: LiveWires     JWLABS LiveWires, a pocket-sized Rife machine

Rife technology re-imagined!

It’s a pocket-sized Rife machine!

The Model A-1 called “LiveWires” has been created with the same output circuit as Model A3; but LiveWires has no switches, no lights, no plugs or jacks, and the wires are permanently affixed. It has only a simple amplitude control. Input cable, power, and electrode leads extend from the miniature housing. Although it is equal to the A3 in its potential, it is much simpler and therefore less complex to operate.

JW LiveWires may not be suitable for all applications, as it is a simpler device. It may in some cases lack the refinement desired to comfortably apply to the more sensitive parts of the body, compared to Model A3, which has more precise amplitude control and two sets of leads, rather than only one.

Support for Model A3 is unlimited; however, LiveWires users must rely on the information provided on-line, as well as their own experience.

Model A3 and LiveWires users can target any set of frequencies by choosing an appropriate title and track on RifeTherapy.com. Needless to say, there are significant advantages to utilizing our skillfully tuned sessions.

Model A users may employ LiveWires as a performance accessory to their machine, doubling their potential output and adding a third set of electrode wires. (This is suggested for advanced users only.) Stand-alone users will enjoy the same output as Model A, in a cost-effective and easy-to-use format.

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The son of an inventor, and an inventor in his own right, John Wright operated Wright Laboratories for his projects long before he embarked on the Rife machine project. Some of John's fields of interest include: drafting and design, electronics, physics, mechanics, molecular biology, chemistry, astronomy, microscopy, radio, geology, botany, pharmacology, genetics, zoology, world religion, law, languages, masonry, and oceanography. For John's full bio, click here.

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