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John Wright – A Word About the Developing Technology

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The results Dr. Rife obtained with his devices were, and still are legendary. However, the need for further development of the scientific theory was not at an end merely because he had successes. A theory is a working model that allows us to achieve a high degree of predictability. Theory is based on fact; it is distinct from an hypothesis.

Originally, in Rife’s first attempts to build therapy devices, he thought he could achieve all the results necessary with only five frequencies and with an output of only 11 volts.

As time went on, he encountered cases that showed results that were inconsistent with his original idea. Like any true researcher, he modified his methods to reflect the observable phenomena/deviations.

At the end, Rife had a reasonable approximation of the reality, but in the forty years since his death, a great deal of new information has come to light. And, no doubt, a great deal more information will be discovered in the years to come.

One of the ways this will happen, is by researchers who step out of the box, and try new and different things, to be proven or dis-proven. Obviously Rife was wrong about the five frequency hypothesis, and it demonstrates that his results were achieved for reasons he had not yet discovered.

Maybe there will be value discovered in the application of multiple [simultaneous] frequencies, and maybe not. As it stands today, there is no demonstrable value to using more than one frequency signal at any given moment of the therapy.   

Rife Therapy by JWLABS

My approach has always been to make one change at a time,test it extensively over a span of time with many different cases to determine if it has value or not.

The history of the Rife- type technology is full of problems, and a great many instances where the results were not what was expected. Obviously, this is because there are still things about the therapy that are unknown, unproven, and as yet untested.

In the manufacture of many devices, added functionality is only an option because it is built into the chips they use. These features have nothing at all to do with the legitimate application of the therapy. It becomes a false selling point. This is confusing for new users, mostly for the reason that the therapy is a real thing. Thus, dramatic results can be achieved even with the most feeble device, only for the reason that they are new users.

However, to build a device that will continue to be a useful tool for the user many years down the road, takes a lot more time and a lot more commitment than what we see in those who incorporate added functionality, merely because it is convenient, or it is their pet hypothesis.

A clear example of this is demonstrated in the devices that claim the only way to do the therapy is by using all of the possible wave forms, sine wave, square wave, spike wave, sawtooth wave, and so forth. All are present in the common function generator chip, but only one of those wave forms has any therapeutic value whatsoever. The others are of no use, and need not be present in the device as an option. However, they are of use to the seller, who is desperately looking for something they can say their machine has that others do not. A selling point, having no more effective value than the hood ornament on your car.

There is a reason why Rife only used one signal. And not eight. And there is a similar reason why he used only a square wave, as opposed to any other. These reasons were correct; and today they are well established, as demonstrated by the hundreds of thousands of cases who have benefited.

If you have further questions feel free to contact me directly, and I will be happy to explain these basic principals in greater depth.

John Wright

Wright laboratories

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John Wright

About John Wright

The son of an inventor, and an inventor in his own right, John Wright operated Wright Laboratories for his projects long before he embarked on the Rife machine project. Some of John's fields of interest include: drafting and design, electronics, physics, mechanics, molecular biology, chemistry, astronomy, microscopy, radio, geology, botany, pharmacology, genetics, zoology, world religion, law, languages, masonry, and oceanography. For John's full bio, click here.

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