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An Important Truth About Disease and Rife Technology

By August 25, 2014 2 Comments
JWLABS Family Friendly Rife Technology Frequency Instruments

Factual information about Rife technology has generally been withheld from the pubic and misconstrued by many who purport to support it.

It is terrible that any group or organization is allowed by law to prey on the population in any sense. The very idea of it is contradictory to the basic tenets of public service. It does not depend on any particular inclination, as it has become institutionalized through a widely perverted academic system of science and history.

I first became aware of it as I tried to sort out the discrepancies in nuclear theory, where the declarations did not support the observations. In the last 20 years I have become aware that I am not alone in this argument, and I am very much gratified to find that others have done some of the supportive work already.

Physics is not for everyone. But it was, for me, an unavoidable research project. An extra excursion that I had to carry out with no expectation of reward or audience. I did come away with enough confirmation to help solidify my mind-set. The results of that research are fascinating, but quite a challenge to express.

What it amounts to, in management terms, is that one set of false ideas has deliberately been inserted and has been made to completely eclipse the important truths to be found there.

Rife technology is an excellent example. The basis of which is the idea that virtually all infectious disease is an invasion and proliferation of a parasitic microbe of one kind or another, from pin worms to virus. These and/or the effects of these can be removed from the body readily by means of electrocution. In essence an electromagnetic charge, or current, is applied to the body at a level that is at the same time a stimulus to your body, but a deadly force to the entire spectrum of biological disease pathogens. The effects are made all the more potent by tuning to precise resonant frequencies.

It is, as one might expect, a very reliable method that began even before Rife’s time. The technology, though not well understood before Royal Rife, has been in use for well over 100 years. In that time, considerable knowledge has been accumulated. Millions of people with cancer have used this technology successfully over decades. In the US, and in virtually every country in the world.

It is often used with the idea that the cancer is an infection. Toxins of various types associated with cancer do not cause the disease, but make the tissues of the body more susceptible to the infectious components of cancer already present in every person. By removing the infection, the problem goes away. Reducing toxins will result in the system being less vulnerable to further infection.

Unfortunately, in conventional medicine there is a vastly different take on cancer. One that is very expensive, very complicated, very dangerous to treat and to test. And with very limited success. As low as 2 percent on average.

The basic device I make is simple, safe, and reliable. Results observed over nearly 30 years seem to indicate that indeed, there is really no such thing as cancer, or cancer cells. There is only infection. Cells that are affected or changed by the infection are not destroyed, but are replaced or returned to normal.

There’s really no such thing as a benign tumor. All such structures are potentially lethal and should be removed surgically, whenever possible, as soon as they are detected. (I will discuss this in further depth in another article.)

There is no such thing as metastasis. The viral component is usually what carries the infection to other places in the body, and the fungus and bacteria follow. Obviously, human cells are far too specialized to migrate from one type of tissue to another. But the virus can carry this out easily. Creating new and identifiable cells elsewhere.

There is no such thing as autoimmune disease. There are immune responses, some of which are not well understood. Nevertheless, by removing the offending pathogen the condition clears.

A similar mismatch of observable facts as opposed to the conventional view, is evident in the conventional approach to allergies. In Rife theory, an allergy is caused by systemic fungal infection.

Remove the cause, and the problem goes away. Although it’s true that the damage caused by many years of infection may not always be reversible  (thus limiting the degree of cure we might be able to expect), the results are consistent. And positive changes come about rather quickly in almost every case.

If we take the observations we must make based on the long and well-proven Rife machine theory (These often fatal diseases are caused by curable and preventable infection.), we might be compelled to adopt our own independent effort to prevent or to curtail these infections. It is apparent that conventional science is not helping us at all, but has merely profited from a proliferating infection that runs unchecked in the population.

A standardized, well established method to reduce the infection in the population instigated as an integral part of daily hygienic routine, is probably the best preventative. Similar in concept to brushing your teeth. Used in this way it is a simple, effective prophylactic.

According to the prevailing conventional wisdom, we should expect a dramatic rise in the number of cancer cases in the coming years.  I believe we can reverse that trend.

Many will want to utilize our new JW LiveWires as a Rife frequency instrument. It’s a very inexpensive Rife device, and it represents a breakthrough in Rife technology.  When the number of people using LiveWires reaches a certain pivotal, or threshold percentage, the number of people infected and the number of reportable cancer cases should be headed lower than it has been in at least 100 years. That threshold is probably fairly low, in the neighborhood of 15 to 20 percent.

So, I’m offering lifetime memberships on www.jwlivewires.com, with the hardware priced at $349. This membership provides free access to our General Alignment frequency session. It’s where everyone using JWLABS devices begins, and it’s an excellent maintenance program. Many find that it’s all they need to improve and maintain their health.

John Wright

About John Wright

The son of an inventor, and an inventor in his own right, John Wright operated Wright Laboratories for his projects long before he embarked on the Rife machine project. Some of John's fields of interest include: drafting and design, electronics, physics, mechanics, molecular biology, chemistry, astronomy, microscopy, radio, geology, botany, pharmacology, genetics, zoology, world religion, law, languages, masonry, and oceanography. For John's full bio, click here.


  • Christoph says:

    I mostly agree with John’s assessment. The only real problem I do have with his notes is that there does not seem to be a solid way to really explain to the common people so they might understand/comprehend the reality of frequency therapy. (From John above) I quote: ” In Nuclear theory the declarations did not support the observations…The very idea of it is contradictory to the basic tenets of public service.” as already noted the physics is, of course, the most important actuary. Hence most people do not understand its basic tenets, and as a result conventional medicine creates a bundled up and tossed out public lie. That is repeated a nausea.

    Some vicious and murderous political leader of the mid 1930s and 40s once said ” Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually the masses will believe conventional medicine through their own contradictions” Conventional organization around the world do exactly that. And they have the monopoly of the big lie as being the real truth. How can this be changed? stating the facts against the mass belief is of course an impossibility. Not that we are not willing to try. There in fact must be a better way. And as soon as one tries, then the medical elite comes down on you like a ton of bricks. Using the classic words of quackery and all it stands for. This is a much bigger fight then letting physic education enter the people’s mind.


  • Toni says:

    I believe it is simply elegant ….. It is all about “Vibs” like the opera singer, sings a note or “vibration” that breaks the glass….
    Rife created notes or “Vibs” that broke (split open then dies) the virus- germ- parasite – the “cooties” as I like to call all THINGS that harm the human body… when all notes/ vibs are harmonic, all is well. IF a notes is off, it is sick, send in a notes/ harmonics / vibs, that explodes the sick “infected cell”.. It is then digested, then eliminated, so all goes back to harmony….
    It that simple – harmony in tune or disharmony infection/ disease & remember all the notes /vibs/ harmonics, IN BETWEEN!

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