Healing Is Voltage

excerpts by Jerry Tennant, M.D, MD (H), MD (P), FAAO

Below we provide excerpts from Jerry L. Tennant’s book, Healing Is Voltage, which we hope you will find illuminating. The book is highly technical and some would argue that a few of Tennant’s assertions, both technical and contextual, are a bit blurred.

For instance, one critic points out, “‘Voltage’ isn’t a thing. ‘Voltage’ isn’t at a particular place, or in a cell, or in blood. It is a measurement of DIFFERENCE in electrostatic potential. That is, how much energy does a charge gain or lose moving between two points? A cell can’t ‘run out’ of voltage, any more than it can run out of millimeters.”

This point is well taken. We have never explained our work in terms of increasing the voltage of our cells. Rather, we have educated our users to the principle of the stimulating effect of the electron flow. The detox effect; the oxygenation effect; the improved circulation of blood and lymph. These are just a few of the effects which we are admonished not to share publicly.

Nevertheless, we consider Dr. Tennant’s work to be worthy of examination, as he gives voice to the importance of introducing an electron flow (current) to the body. We share excerpts which not only illuminate Dr. Tennant’s knowledge and experience, but provide insights into a certain basic understanding of the significance of electrotherapy.


“….pH is (shorthand for potential hydrogen) is really a measurement of voltage.”

“…you will hear statements like ‘all disease occurs when you are acidic’ What this is really saying is that all disease occurs when your voltage is low or in an electronic stealer state.

You will hear statements like ‘alkalize or die’. What this is really saying is that you must have electrons available to do work or your cells will die. 

A free radical is a molecule that is missing electrons. It’s like a mugger looking for someone’s purse to steal.  When a free radical steals electrons from the cell, it damages the cell.”



“Salivary and urinary pH are about 0.8 pH units less than cell pH. Salivary pH is a rough indicator of the voltage [electrostatic potential] in the fluids around the cells…”

“…chronic disease is always defined by having low voltage….you don’t need drugs to heal.You need to make new cells that work to heal. To make new cells, you need voltage and a good diet. You also need to remove toxins from your body that damage cells and make you obese.”



“…pain is always a symptom of abnormal voltage….if you put a tube into a glass of water and begin bubbling oxygen into the water, the amount of oxygen that will dissolve in the water is dictated by the voltage of the water. As voltage is raised, more oxygen will dissolve in the water. However, as voltage drops, oxygen comes out of solution and leaves the water,

Our cells are 70% water. Thus as voltage begins to drop in ourselves, oxygen leaves the cells. This has serious consequences…..as voltage drops, and oxygen levels drop, our metabolism goes from “38 miles per gallon to 2 miles per gallon’. Thus it is very difficult for cells to have enough energy to function with such inefficient metabolism.

Another problem of decreased oxygen is infections. Our bodies contain perhaps 1 trillion microorganisms. However, most of these are inactive as long as oxygen is present. …when oxygen levels drop, these bugs wake up. The first thing they want to do is have lunch. And they want to have you for lunch.”

“As voltage drops more and more the end result is fungal forms that are cell-wall deficient. Thee are the most pathological forms of infections. They do not respond to antibiotics. Cannot be cultured, and are only seen with a phase contrast or darkfield microscope. They can most easily be seen with a Grayfield microscope.

It is of some interest that uveitis has been associated with fungus for over 50 years, but it has always been difficult to prove because the fungus can rarely be cultured! [Uveitis a form of eye inflammation that affects the middle layer of tissue in the eye wall (uvea). It can cause eye redness, pain, blurred vision and other symptoms. It can be caused by infection, injury, autoimmune or inflammatory diseases, or unknown causes…]”

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“In my experience, most diseases that are called ‘autoimmune’ are caused from a hidden infection. Most of the time it’s a dental infection So-called ‘auto-immune’ diseases often resolve after removing a root canal tooth (or teeth) from under crowns and fillings.”

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