Dr. Rife Technology And How It Works

Dr. Rife

Dr. Rife Technology

Direct Target Application

Dr. Royal Rife made famous the notion that we could destroy microbes by delivering the right frequency. Direct micro-current application allows you to deliver the ideal energy to any area of concern with complete assurance that it will hit the target and make the kind of changes you desire. Direct current utilizes the most conductive tissues of the body, the nerves and blood vessels, as conduit leading to any organ or body structure. There is zero output power wasted.

Microbial Electrocution

Dr. Rife devised the broadcast instrument in order to prove his theory with the microscope; he needed to develop the plasma or “ray tube” instrument because direct electrode contact to the slide was too potent. It destroyed his sample before he could identify the frequency.

We employ direct current because it is direct. More efficient, no power lost in transmission. Safer too, as radio frequencies are very high; even including the microwave band. Furthermore,  they merge with other ambient frequencies and produce unknown harmonics which can be even more problematic.

Direct electron flow takes advantage of the extreme difference in size and resiliency of the cells of the microbes and your own cells. The microbes, hundreds of times smaller are devastated by this electrical force. Happily, your cells are stimulated to function optimally.

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