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Coronavirus – An Alternative View

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Facts, fiction and excessive speculation are often conflated in the discussion of the new Coronavirus. While there’s a rush to develop and distribute new antivirals and vaccines, we embrace a prudent approach of applying general common sense and holistic remedies which have been known for ages.

First, it’s important to understand the VIRUS isn’t the only culprit in the infection and spread of Covid-19! True, the virus is insidious and evasive. It mutates at a rapid rate both within a given host and as it transfers from one person to another. (We’ve known this for many years about viruses in general; the Cornavirus is just particularly prone.) This makes it difficult to isolate from the perspective of developing a drug or vaccine. However, the condition of the host is also a critical factor.

For further context, let’s consider these facts:

  • It’s not widely reported on mainstream news, but the pollution in China is so extreme that many are already compromised. Needless to say, pulmonary function is most affected. “Over 400,000 premature deaths a year in China are blamed on air pollution levels…” (https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(05)67711-2/fulltext)
  • It’s been said that men are especially vulnerable, presumably because of their genetic profile. But it must also be considered that most Chinese males smoke.
  • Factor in that 5G has been operating full force in Wuhan since last fall, and we have another aspect to consider. It’s known, for instance, that 5G interferes with our DNA.

John Rappaport, a seasoned investigative reporter, says:

“In my past research on epidemics, I’ve found several causes of disease in every ‘epidemic’      —      causes which have nothing to do with a virus….”

Furthermore, he notes that the CDC, upon being asked about how the test was designed, replied “…please remember that our laboratories developed this [PCR] test kit before there were U.S. cases. We developed it based on the posted genetic sequencing, and it was this test kit that allowed us to identify the first cases in the United States.”

What does this mean? It seems to mean that the CDC accepted the genetic sequence of the “new virus” without having an actual isolated specimen of the virus itself.

Is that a problem?

COVID-19 test kit coronavirus heath risks concerns flu

A pathologist holds a nasal swab from a COVID-19 test kit at the Core Lab in Northwell Health’s Center for Advanced Medicine in Lake Success, New York, U.S., on Wednesday, March 4, 2020. On Monday, Northwell Health Labs announced it expects to begin testing for the coronavirus within a week, now that the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has given the green light for outside labs to conduct the COVID-19 tests once appropriately validated.

So you see, there is much to question about this ongoing event which has so many concerned, even panicked. There is a rush to declare local emergencies in order to garner huge amounts of the 8.3 billion dollars in Federal funds that were approved by congress to address the epidemic.

Watch for mayors and governors to line up for these funds, and pay attention to the efforts of the drug manufacturers who stand to make untold billions from the campaign.

Also pay attention to the “standard of care” forced upon the unfortunate victims or suspected sufferers of this disease. We must listen—and listen carefully—to the voices which purport to chronicle the “news”.  We must always question their agenda, as many are poised to profit from the latest wave of propaganda.

Either way, whether we are told to be fearful and stock up on goods or we are instructed that it’s all blown out of proportion, we are being manipulated. This is the dilemma.

So, what do we do?

Stay Calm

Do your best to sift through the information until you’re confident that you have the facts. Question all who are making a profit by promoting fear, but don’t languish in apathy when told it’s all a ruse.

Be Prepared

Not in a panic mode, but consistent with realistic concerns about supply chain issues. Be sure you have advanced stock of your required medications, food, supplements, bathroom tissue and other household necessities.

Be Prudent

Assess if you are better off not going on that cruise or attending large events. This doesn’t mean cancel all social events, just think it through and choose what makes sense for you.

Stay Informed

Not just about developing events, but of natural remedies which will enhance your immune system. The name “Coronavirus” refers to a family of viruses associated with previous outbreaks, including Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV).

Your immune system is your best friend; learn to protect it.

Aside from the obvious and largely touted “washing of the hands”, here are suggestions for supporting your immune system. Don’t wait until you or someone close to you is having symptoms.

For those of you who have a Rife machine, USE IT! Even a few short sessions each week will help to keep your microbia level down and your immune system up to par.

Remember, the Rife machine is capable not just of microbial electrocution, it improves circulation of blood and lymph. It stimulates ATP, which is energy created by the mitochondria in each of our cells.

Think of it as a tune up!

Note that we mentioned the fast mutation occurring with this virus. Don’t get attached to those frequency lists you see online. Mutation results in a change in frequency signature. JWLABS Rife machines deliver skillfully tuned targeting AND sweeping of all frequencies throughout the viral range. Likewise for bacteria, fungi, and parasites, not to mention mycoplasma. IMPORTANT, because these creatures often accompany the viruses.

Vitamin C is an essential antiviral which is not talked about in mainstream “news”. People don’t get rich off it. That said, I would seek a source other than China. (Not only are they producing over 90% of our pharmaceuticals, they are also producing many of our supplements.)

Note that vitamin C is being used aggressively by some doctors in China. Oral vitamin C for mild cases, Intravenous for acute cases (IVC). It is used in the US by those who think “outside the box” of conventional medicine. Liposomal C is particularly effective.

Here’s a source that’s not from China: https://www.amazon.com/Optimized-Liposomal-Original-China-Free-Absorption/

Other nutrients are key to strengthening the immune system.

  • Magnesium
  • Selenium
  • Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) to alkalanize
  • Vitamin D
  • Glutathione

More supplements which have anti-microbial properties:

  • Iodine
  • Olive Leaf Extract
  • Essential Oils: Basil, Bergamot, Cinnamon, Cloves, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Thieves blend (from Young Living), Oregano, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Tea Tree oil (Also called melaleuca.)

It’s also most important to stay hydrated!  Dehydration is an under appreciated etiology in many diseases. Dr. Sircus maintains that …” that water plays such a huge part in disease states…..” and that “water can prevent and cure many common conditions because intake of sufficient amounts of it is a basic or underlying cause of disease.”

This is by no means meant to be a complete list, but I hope it serves as a guide to what may be new information to some who are seeking solutions outside the box.  In no way are we advising that people should not see a doctor; but we strive to be a resource for those seeking reasonable solutions.

In our next blog we will discuss the application of frequencies as it pertains to the viruses we face today.

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Cherry Maly Wright

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Cherry acquired her first Wright Laboratories Rife machine in 1999. Motivated by a long-held interest in health and wellness, she understood the value of the basic effects of Rife technology and the significance of employing it for general wellness as well as crisis intervention. Formerly a massage therapist, she became a JWLABS Distributor in Chicago. After nearly two years, she came on board full time in 2001 to manage Sales and Customer Support. She is now Executive Director of Wright Laboratories LLC, directing Customer Support, Sales and Marketing strategies and working hand in hand with the engineering team for ongoing product development. Cherry's history includes Midwest Regional Manager with Logonet Inc, a company specializing in Ontological Design which was established by Dr. Fernando Flores. After nearly five years with the Flores organization, she marketed other nationally known speakers and trainers in the personal and executive coaching industry including William Hanrahan and Dr.Teri Mahaney. These teachers have had a profound impact on Cherry's personal and professional development, and they are a reflection of her personal commitment to helping people be more effective in life. For well over twenty years, that commitment has been expressed in the realm of helping people toward wellness.

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  • Shaina Cochrane says:

    Thank you Cherry for the reminders and resources to augment and supplement our health during this time. We believe in and use each resource you mentioned in your article. People are fearful when they are uninformed. Being under fear/anxiety is taxing on ones immune system. So part of maintaining health is educating ourselves. We LOVE the health we receive from our RIfe machine as well as the daily choices we make in our diet, exercise and supplementation. May you enjoy great health this Spring!

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