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JWLABS Model A Outperforms Customer’s Digital Machine – The WOW Factor!

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Time is a precious commodity. For those of us in business, life demands a conscious examination of our priorities and productivity. For those who are ill, it is imperative that our time is used wisely and effectively. We must make choices that ensure recovery and quality of life; we must garner the tools which forward our health goals in the…

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JWLABS Rife Machine – success with Diabetes type 1 (short version)

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JWLABS customer tells his story of success with his Model A Rife machine in addressing Diabetes type 1. Instead of insulin, he now uses his Model A to manage his disease. In the aftermath of a major heart attack, Christoph researched alternative health approaches. His story demonstrates that he used his Model A Rife machine safely and effectively. He has…

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The Rife Machine – For Optimum Health and Fiscal Prudence

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Many of us are compelled these days to seek alternatives in resolving concerns which are dear to our hearts. For growing numbers, it’s a requirement for economic survival. For some, their very existence depends on taking new measures. In an effort to lower costs and improve efficiency, many of us have: Traded in our vehicles for Hybrids or other cars…

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