Big Pharma/Big Food – A Look Behind the Curtain
(Part 4)

Protecting Ourselves During Hospitalization

A brief review of what we’re addressing in this series:

  • Policies and practices are in place which support the industrial food processors. Bureaucrats, lobbyists and CEOS of conglomerates, even mainstream “journalists” have shaped the unhealthy dietary habits, even addictions, of the populace. Beginning in early childhood.
  • This fact has not only affected the health of our citizens, but the productivity, the viability, and the health of our nation.
  • These policies and practices have birthed a “health care system” which no longer reflects the highest intentions of people entering the field.
  • The allopathic system of medicine has isolated each part of the body, each system and each illness as a specialty, resulting in a lack of curiosity about the underlying causes and how the systems all work together. Not to mention the lack of communication between said specialists.
  • A lack of information on the part of the populace, combined with the “authority” with which mandates and “Standard of Care” practices are implemented, result in a tacit relinquishment of the patient’s rights of informed consent.
  • The withholding of true information about the effects of additives and food processing practices results in people, unknowingly, embarking upon a lifetime of food choices which are contributing to their long term chronic conditions.
  • With all of the above, we see a declining quality of life for many, and dreadful outcomes for some.
  • Fortified with truths about what has occurred, a growing number of people are taking back the reins with respect to their health choices. Thankfully, doctors and policy influencers alike are joining in and making their voices heard.
  • Guidance for navigating the hospital system in the event of surgery, illness or emergency

It’s because of the growing awareness of these issues that many turn to electrotherapy devices which we can use in the privacy of our homes. Increasingly, people appreciate the detoxification effects of these devices. As it becomes increasingly clear that our food sources, our water, and even our air contain contaminants, it’s apparent that we must take measures to support our bodies in releasing these toxins. 

We strive to keep you abreast, not merely of developments in this old technology, now claimed to be new, but also of information which is not likely to reach mainstream. This will include solutions and supportive information which are not well known publicly.

We continue our series on Big Pharma/Big Food, as news comes across our desks daily which alert us to the toxins with which we are being inundated. It appears that there are coordinated efforts to diminish our possibilities for good health. Just days after we published our most recent blog, we were besieged by further articles which identified toxins in our food, our spices, even our chocolate!

For this issue, we endeavor to provide information that will help you be well prepared in the event of hospitalization, whether for surgery or illness. In the case of an emergency, we don’t have the luxury of careful contemplation. It becomes imperative, therefore, to have some resources in place ahead of time in order to protect and preserve our freedom to make informed health choices.

We have excerpted a brief roadmap to the administrative hierarchy of the hospital. This information was taken from an interview which we can no longer source. Despite this, we thought it might be helpful for you to have insight into the chain of command.

Administrative Hierarchy

Weekdays 8-5
Charge Nurse – House Services
Nurse Manager of Unit (No power, not a case manager)
Unit Manager – Director of Area
Administrative Office —
Lawyers, families team of lawyers
Patient Care Conference

Charge nurse – can call at home
House supervisor/Manager

Plan Ahead for the Possibility of Hospitalization

We recommend
Hospitals and Health: Your Orthomolecular Guide to a Shorter, Safer Hospital Stay.
Navigating the hospital environment is addressed in the latter part of the book.

Make sure you have a patient advocate, someone who can speak on your behalf if you’re incapacitated and to make sure you’re receiving the correct medication and treatment. Not only that, we encourage you to have someone with you at all times in order to monitor the administration of meds and other procedures. We have heard countless stories wherein vigilant family members saved the day.

In order to protect your Health Freedom, we urge you to print out several copies of the form below. Modify it to reflect your requests and requirements to ensure that you are cared for in ways that are important to you. Share the form with your health care advocate and any loved ones who provide your primary support. This document is an “Advanced Decision” document, as distinct from “Advanced Medical Directives” which won’t kick in until after the patient is incapacitated. 

This provides that the moment you enter the hospital, they know what they can and cannot do to you. And it’s our understanding that they are legally required to respect your written directives. Consider it a contract, wherein you are dictating the terms. Dr. Mercola recommends that you send copies to your hospital of choice requesting that it be filed ahead of any planned or unplanned visit. Make sure it’s directed to the CEO.

We’ve seen conflicting information about whether this document should be sent to the hospital administration before admission. We suggest that you investigate this. At the very least, have the document handy in your glove box, in case of emergency, and in the hands of those who would support you.

Now that we have endured the horrors of being isolated from loved ones who were hospitalized, these suggestions are ever more pertinent.

Remember, you can modify the document to suit your wants and needs. Do your homework, so you know what you you wish to request. We’ve heard many stories of family members being denied access, of hydration being withheld. Of refusals of vitamins and other nourishments being urged and provided by loved ones. 

In the case of infection, whether viral or bacterial, we suggest that you request therapies which are indicated at the website cited below. Their recommendations are updated from time to time, so it’s a good idea to check their site occasionally. We’ve often urged customers to demand IVC (High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C), only to be refused or brushed off. This, and other therapies, can make the difference between life and death.

Of course, we can’t ensure that all your efforts will be successful in avoiding the strict hospital protocols; but the more we know, the more we can protect ourselves. We have heard stories of people sneaking into the hospital with their supplements, essential oils, their own water, even their Rife machines. (We’ve heard from one family that their loved one was given tap water, while the staff drank filtered water.) How much easier this experience would be if we had an agreement ahead of time regarding the terms of care.

We hope this is helpful. Let us know if you have success with these suggestions, or if you have anything to add which may be helpful to others. If there are any related issues you would like us to address, we welcome your suggestions. Please leave comments at the end of each blog, or email us at [email protected] 

We aspire not only to provide the most straightforward, user-friendly electrotherapy devices, but to arm you with information which contributes to your experience of health and well being.

Electromedicine – A Coming Of Age

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