Big Pharma/Big Food – A Look Behind the Curtain
(Part 2)


We were in the process of composing our next issue dealing with the negative impact of the big pharma/ big food industrial complex when the following blog came across our desk. We think it’s an important read. We intended to address the Big Food conglomerate, but we’ll get there. Bear with us.

Rogers specializes in analyzing the enduring costs of autism. He asserts that autism is not only a public health issue, it also represents a crisis of political economy.  He demonstrates that regulation is largely a reflection of political power not scientific evidence; and cultural and financial capture are blocking the sorts of regulatory responses that are necessary to stop the autism epidemic. [emphasis ours]

Dr. Toby Rogers is controversial, in that he questions the powers that be with respect to the subject of vaccine injury caused illnesses and he connects the dots with respect to the negative impact on our personal costs and the damage to the economy in general.

Put on your helmet and read his latest blog. Excerpts are shared below, as well as a link to the full document. We hope this will help you to further understand why we are so committed to offering alternatives, both with respect to fleshing out your understanding of what we are facing as a populationand the need for solutions.

drug capsules onto of large bills

“The crisis of Covid is that the fundamental basis of our economy shifted from a positive-sum game to the worst negative-sum game in human history.

Robert Kennedy Jr. actually figured out this shift right before Covid and I think it’s the most important economic insight of our lifetime.

At a speech at a fundraiser in Florida in early 2020 before we realized that Covid would be a thing, Robert Kennedy Jr. explained that Big Pharma globally makes about $50 billion a year from vaccines but then makes another $500 billion a year from treatment of vaccine injuries. This stunned me at first, but when I started to do the math I realized that he is right. We’ll return to this in a moment.

With Covid, Big Pharma basically doubled its money with another $50 billion a year in Covid vaccine revenue followed by another $500 billion a year from treatment of Covid vaccine injuries. That’s why Pfizer is going into the cancer treatment business for example.

….if one does the hard [work] one will see that autism, ADHD, autoimmune disorders including arthritis, deadly allergies, asthma, Alzheimer’s, childhood cancers, diabetes, eczema, seizure disorders, and sex dysphoria are vaccine injuries. The various studies that prove that are generally censored by Google (or de-ranked into oblivion) and so you have to use alternative methods and networks for finding them. All of these medical conditions require expensive treatments over a lifetime.

I am conscious of the fact that many other toxicants also increased over the last fifty years—pesticides, plastics, fire retardants, SSRIs, Tylenol, electromagnetic frequencies, etc.—and all of these toxicants certainly contribute to the rise in chronic illness. And I’m aware that many of these conditions existed prior to vaccines. But the sharp rise in the number of people with these conditions is highly correlated with the ever-expanding vaccine schedule and independent scholars have established causation between vaccines and each of the medical conditions that I listed (see for example, Vaccines and Autoimmunity by Shoenfeld et al., Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak by Brian Hooker, and Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies by Neil Miller.)

Injected vaccines are unique in that they:

  • bypass the body’s usual defense mechanisms against toxicants;
  • are given in bolus doses in utero and during infancy when the kidneys, liver, and immune system are still developing; and
  • usually include adjuvants that are designed to increase the body’s reaction against them.

So if you look at the list of blockbuster drugs that generate billions of dollars a year in revenue you see:

  • Humira which is used to treat arthritis;
  • Keytruda and Opdivo which are used to treat cancer;
  • Dupixent for asthma and eczema;
  • Trulicity for diabetes; and
  • Skyrizi, Cosentyx, and Enbrel to treat plaque psoriasis which is an autoimmune disorder.

These are all in the top 20 blockbuster drugs in the world.

Then there is Risperdal for autism, Ritalin for ADHD, and Epi pens for severe allergic reactions, and these drugs generate several billion dollars a year in revenue as well.

What most people don’t realize is that these are all treatments for vaccine injuries. The childhood vaccine schedule creates customers for life.

My specialty is modeling the costs of autism. A study I conducted with Mark Blaxill and Cynthia Nevison showed about $300 billion a year in current costs rising to over a trillion dollars a year in costs by the early 2030s and $5.5 trillion a year by 2060.

The costs of autism will cause the economic and political collapse of the United States in our lifetime.

And that’s just one condition. The other chronic conditions I just mentioned incur hundreds of billions of dollars a year in costs as well. Hospitals, doctors, and Pharma do not get all of that money — there are also costs associated with education, support, and lost wages.

With Covid shots we see increased rates of myocarditis, pericarditis, cardiac arrest, strokes, turbo cancer, rapid onset dementia, blood clots, and sudden adult death. The $50 billion that Pfizer and Moderna made from Covid shots in 2021 and 2022 is just the tip of the iceberg. The big money is in treating the injured. So for example, Eliquis, which is used to treat blood clots, generated 18 billion dollars in sales for Bristol Myers Squibb and Pfizer in 2022 and of course blood clots are a side effect of Covid vaccines.

So instead of the free and equal exchange of goods and services between sovereign citizens, we have an economy based on bondage — people are poisoned and they spend all of their earnings and stored family wealth just trying to survive.”

JWLABS has been subjected to the de-ranking by Google (since 2018), as well as other efforts to suppress our ability to speak freely. We offer this with the hope that by referencing experts in other fields that we help to fill in the blanks for those who are still puzzled by the present state of affairs. Many of you are already well informed, and for you, we hope our articles provide a certain confirmation of what you have already known or suspected. Hopefully, these materials will help you to be fully prepared in your efforts to educate your loved ones.

To quote Dr. Toby Rogers, Blessings to the warriors! For we are all standing in the breach, each in our own way and in our own domain, striving for truth and understanding and viable solutions.

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