Big Pharma/Big Food – A Look Behind the Curtain
(Part 1)


The following piece includes excerpts from several sources, meant to elucidate your understanding of how we arrived at this moment in time with respect to our medical system. 

When we grasp the context, the history which lead us to this moment, we are better equipped to sort fact from fiction, search out viable resources and exercise discernment when making health choices for ourselves and our loved ones.

In future issues, we will flesh this out a bit further and address how to navigate the system, better enabling you to protect your family and your rights to medical freedom along the way.

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In the early 1900s there were a variety of doctors and healing modalities in America. Some of the medical specialties included chiropractic, naturopathy, homeopathy, holistic medicine, and herbal medicine. 

In the early 1930s, when Royal Rife was making a splash in the news, it was already abundantly clear that the medical system had been severely compromised. John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie had usurped control over what had been a largely holistic system. Rockefeller, who had already cornered the market on the oil industry, was intent on obtaining complete control of the medical system. 

portrait of john g rockafeller

Rockefeller purchased I.G. Farben (Never mind the role they played in WWII) and hired a contractor (Abraham Flexnore) to survey the medical schools and present a report to Congress. This report, which slandered the traditional practitioners, resulted in laws being changed which set new standards and culminated in what we now know as allopathic medicine.

Countless medical schools were closed, or merged, the result being that practitioners of the holistic methods were ostracized, even made illegal. With this “revolution” the standard of care became pharmaceuticals and surgery.

[This is not to say that standards should not have been implemented, but it’s important to note that the result of this report was to limit our access to modalities which had a long history of effectiveness.]

With the new laws in place, Rockefeller teamed up with Andrew Carnegie and started funding medical schools all over America on the strict condition that they only taught allopathic medicine. Through the power of their huge “grants” and the insistence that their people populate the boards of the institutions, this powerful team systematically dismantled the previous curricula of these medical schools, removing any mention of the healing power of herbs or natural treatments. Teachings on diet and other natural (non-drug) treatments were also completely removed from medical programs. (Source: Meridian Health Clinic)

Enter the American Medical Association (AMA), which acted as the enforcement agency of these policies. They forced licensing for all medical practitioners and based this licensure on the allopathic model. It was the president of the AMA, Morris Fishbein who went after Hoxey, Royal Rife and others who challenged the “prevailing wisdom” that the powers that be were so intent on inflicting on the public.

[It’s challenging to find a source which does anything but extol Fishbien—who never practiced medicine himself—but we stumbled upon this forceful article by an unknown writer.]

american medical association headquarters
American Medical Association Headquarters in Chicago

The war against Chiropractic continued well into the 1980s and the AMA played a major role. Their mantra was “contain and eliminate,” and they meant it. Over 12,000 chiropractic practitioners were arrested in the first half of the twentieth century simply for helping patients with only their hands. (Source) 

Put aside any biases you may have against “Twitter” or Tucker Carlson. We found this discussion well worth our attention and we suggest that you listen at least once in order to digest the ramifications.

Tucker Carlson speaks with Calley Means

Calley Means, a former Big Pharma/Big Food insider, offers some important distinctions:

Our medical system is based on a model which isolates symptoms and certain named conditions to the point that the fundamental dysfunction is overlooked. This has led to a system in which drugs are created to address the misidentified problem, and an entire industry emerges which dictates the “standard of care” for that condition which is never eliminated, only managed by the drug itself.


Diabetes is an excellent example. It’s a misnomer to see this as an isolated condition. For instance, almost 100% of Alzheimer’s patients have pre-diabetes or diabetes.  This is evidenced by the fact that Alzeimer’s is now often referred to as “Type 3 Diabetes.” In short, nearly all Alzheimer’s patients have some sort of blood sugar dysfunction.


Diabetes is cellular dysregulation, caused by the environment or food. Diabetes itself is one of the biggest line items in the US budget, far surpassing the defense budget.


The biggest line item in our government is health care. And it’s the largest and fastest growing industry in the US and the bulk of that spending is coming from the government and as it grows, it produces worse results. Diabetes and pre-diabetes are a big part of this. It’s really metabolic dysfunction, but it’s not being appropriately addressed. Only “managed” by lifetime medication.


It’s an open secret that the true goal of pharma ads on TV is not to sell drugs but, instead, is a public relation lobbying tactic, essentially, to buy off the news.

TV pharmaceutical ads are illegal in every country besides the United States and New Zealand. One of the reasons for that is a big concern that pharmaceutical advertising could influence editorial decisions within media organizations.


In fact, there’s never been a drug in American history for a chronic condition that has lowered the rate of that chronic condition.

Once we have learned the facts, we can’t unsee them. Particularly since the “pandemic” of 2020, when the patterns became more obvious, we’ve been hearing from increasing numbers of people who are seeking answers outside the realm of conventional medicine. The trust we once had in our medical system is broken and we are all trying to pick up the pieces. We are honored to play a small part in the awakening.

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  1. Excellent article, thanks for getting this out there, we need to get this out to more sources and reach those who remain ignorant of this info. Thank you.

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