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Cherry Maly Wright

lyme disease and rife machine

Treating Lyme Disease with Rife Technology

By | Articles, Stay Tuned Blog | 4 Comments

Increasingly, practitioners and patients are recognizing the significant benefits of treating Lyme Disease with Rife Technology. We get an abundance of inquiries about the effects of Rife technology on Lyme Disease. In fact, we often have more active customers with Lyme disease than with cancer. It is not an over statement that Lyme is now at epidemic levels, and it’s…

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Rife Technology – Re-visiting “Rife Follies”

By | Articles, Stay Tuned Blog | One Comment

How does one discern the truth about Rife technology?  And how do we make a sound decision regarding choosing a Rife machine?  We speak to people daily who are grappling with this. Increasingly, the consumer is challenged to sort out fact from fiction, truth from hyperbole.   We are faced with excruciating choices with respect to our finances, our politics,…

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