Building a Better Mousetrap

Our Product Philosophy

Many years ago, Ralph Wright, the founder of Wright Labs, invented a better mouse trap. It was a simple box with a teeter, held in place by a magnet. When the mouse entered, it would pass the point of no return, and be dropped into a bucket of water. The trap would then reset its self, ready for the next mouse. It worked extremely well, and could clear a field of mice in a matter of hours. The conventional wisdom was, to the effect that if you build a better mouse trap, the world would beat a path to your door.

In truth, this was not the case. Why? Because it had to be explained to them. Not once, but many times, and when that much was accomplished, it had to be demonstrated. Ralph demonstrated it, but in the end, people did not want a better mouse trap, because it was not in keeping with what they were already familiar with, the old Victor spring trap, which killed them horribly when it worked, and could not reset it self.

Don’t settle for the norm

In the case of the Rife machine, it is unlikely that any meaningful improvements over JWLABS originals are possible, because the body can only take just so much energy, beyond which there is real danger. But it is like the better mouse trap, in one respect. It is not in keeping with what people are already accustomed to. Therefore, most people will continue to take drugs, rather than explore healthier, better and more rational solutions to their physical problems.

If you are one of the few who have abandoned conventional wisdom, and are here to examine the Rife technology in earnest, you have arrived at the right place.

Simple, reliable and problem free

Advanced Rife Technology

Model A4 Touch Screen

We have made a model that removes any chance of missing the correct frequencies, eliminates the constant tuning that is needed, solves most of the practical problems that have made the old designs difficult for all but an expert.

In short, it is a walk in the park. It’s fun, it’s easy and just as effective as our old reliable, with none of the learning curve.

Model A allows users to enjoy all the benefits of a very expensive and complicated machine, without having to pay for all that hardware.

In the future, Wright Labs will release our more advanced designs. These are truly 21st century instruments, with certain features that make it even easier to do the therapy.