international social and political etiquette

We apologize for our lack of language and evident naivete in matters of international social and political etiquette. We feel that it is important for viewers to understand that our purpose is humanitarian.

As such we are color blind, and quite oblivious to most prejudices that might inhibit you from being comfortable with contacting us about a critical need. In other words, as a normal practice, we treat everyone equally. This means that we give the same attention to the farm worker, as we would an astronaut.

An enforcement agent for the IRS, will be shown the same courtesy and professionalism as would our next door neighbor. It does not matter to us that you were born in Baghdad or Berkeley. Disease is the enemy. Death is our adversary. These do not discriminate, and neither shall we.

This can only be possible within certain practical limits, the law, the language, and little else.

If you come to us with genuine interest and personal needs, you will be respected here.

Equal service to all

We do not discriminate against anyone for their race or country of origin. We do not discriminate against those who are in sensitive positions of government, those who are celebrities, LGBT or those who may be infamous. There are instances where we feel that Rife technology is not the right method.

If this is our feeling about your condition, and suggest that you seek other means, it will only be for the reasons that we explain. We hope that such reasons will make sense to you.

*We may have difficulty shipping to your native land. If you are presently living in a country where the US has no friendly ties, or, if our nations are presently in diplomatic or armed conflict, trade may be impossible. But we do not discriminate against you as an individual.