How JWLABS Operates

The Big Question?

People often ask how it is that we have stayed out of trouble for so long, when it seems that there is so much against us. We are forced to ask ourselves the same question.

What most people can perceive of the business of Rife machines, is the approval and authority problem, the idea that we are doing something not generally accepted and all the seeming intrigue that it suggests. People site an alphabet soup of agency initials, the doctors, academics, and the pharmaceutical companies who presumably oppose the technology.

blind man in a battlefield

Perhaps we are like a blind man in a battlefield, but we would prefer to think it is because we are doing some things right. We have not found these logical adversaries to be threatened by us at all. Our relations with them have never been strained. We have every intention of obtaining approval and acceptance at some time in the foreseeable future.

Our pertinent government agencies are not hostile to new ideas or good-old-fashioned, American ingenuity. On the contrary. But there is one ever-expanding group that opposes the technology in an outspoken manner.

truthful and realistic expectations

They are the many users who have failed with their machines. Every doctor or practitioner knows, they loose every single patient in the end.

If all of the Rife machines in the world were only 25 percent effective, that would be 25 percent that we didn’t have before. 25 percent is 100 percent more than nothing. The problem is, there are going to be 75 failures generated for every hundred who tried. There would also be very negative public relations, if all of them are told to expect a cure.

Our solution has always been first: To tell the customer the truth about realistic expectations prior to placing an instrument with them. To make a machine that is 200 percent of optimal, and; To give people the support they need. This simple formula works well. A lot more people succeed than fail this way. Typical testimonial; “I love my machine.” Perhaps this is one of the reasons.

our customer commitment

Whatever the reason, it is not because we are insulated from the ups and downs of volatile markets or the sort of operational snafu that causes embarrassing short falls. We have had our problems, as does any company. But at all times, and in every respect, we have done our best to provide for the customer. If anything sets us apart, it is this commitment. Success may sometimes come on a sliver platter, but it is best to be prepared to work for it, since most of us have to.

To be realistic, we observe the intensity of the opposition directly corresponds to Rife technology’s profile. The conservative strategy is to starve out the industry, by denying it access to markets, and by spoiling markets if they can. This has been very effective, and has prevented rapid worldwide proliferation of the technology for many decades.

Adversity in several forms

In spite of this, our work is most threatened by unscrupulous competitor’s many poor quality devices represented by those who do not provide adequate support for their users. Adversity comes in various forms. We have satisfied many users who were disgruntled about other devices, or have been abandoned by competing companies. But we cannot satisfy those who are mad at the whole industry.

We can only try to lead by example as stewards of an important technology and tradition. In so doing, we self regulate. Better product and better service has an effect on the market, which is to improve consumer confidence.