Managing Expectations

We have always felt that, other than the obvious need for honesty and ethical standards that should be basic to any business, giving each customer the correct and realistic expectation is one of the most important and essential things that any Rife machine maker or representative can express to new customers. In order to incorporate this standard into normal business practice and to enforce that truth, it must be more important than making any sale.

Stewards of Rife technology

As one of the early stewards of Rife technology, we strive to provide the information you need to make an educated decision about what’s right for you with respect to Rife technology. Our commitment to customer relations, and our endeavor to bring forth innovative designs which preserve the best of the old technology, distinguish us from others who are merely distributing off-the-shelf units. Most of which are assembled offshore. We have always built in in the US, and that tradition continues.

Tradition of Quality

We have a long tradition of making the best machines in the industry. This is because we spare no expense, and we compromise not in the slightest when it comes to quality.

The machines we now make are totally state of the art. We produce instruments which are more affordable and easy to use. With our Model A line of devices, you can now attain Rife Therapy once only achievable with a $10,000 Frequency Instrument.

Our Lifetime Warranty ensures that you will always have a machine in good working order. It is rare that people report a true machine failure. About 97% of reports can be resolved with our troubleshooting the situation over the phone. In the event of a real mechanical or electronic breakdown, we will promptly repair or replace your machine under warranty.

Routinely, we are asked to advise customers concerning the appropriateness of the therapy for a given condition. Though we can offer no medical advice, we will have strong opinions about how to employ the technology safely. If we use the ideal device for this purpose, and customers follow instructions. it is most likely that users will see expected results.

Advanced Designs

JWLABS continues to develop advanced designs that can better accommodate the increasing proliferation of frequency resistant pathogenic strains and the apparent rapid recovery of some viruses after being devitalized. The spread of mycosis and Lymes disease, without any theory to explain it, have reached epidemic proportions. With our sophisticated hardware and our masterful tuning, you will have the tool best suited to address these concerns.