John Wright, son of an inventor, was trained from an early age to question, research, analyze and design. Since 1987, He has been creating fine frequency instruments .

1-888-523-8695 or 1-951-926-7849
John is the owner of JWLABS.

John Wright’s personal lifetime warranty

When you have hardware problems or application questions, call JWLABS directly at 888-523-8695. Each instrument is backed by John Wright’s personal lifetime warranty, as well as unlimited customer support.

Have Questions? we have answers

Can your machine can do a certain job?
Want some direction on how to get started?
Published frequencies not making it?
Is your machine dysfunctional?
Concerned about side effects?
Manufacturer of your machine disappeared?

Hardware of Application Questions

It is quite common at JWLABS, for us to answer application and hardware questions for non-users, and for users of machines other than our own. This is unheard of, but it has always been a common practice for us, since so many competing companies have disappeared, leaving their users without any customer support. Often times, other makers don’t actually know how applications are done, so they can find out how to use their machine better. We can usually help any user get better results from whatever type of Rife machine they may have.

We offer every kind of help for Rife machine users. One of the ways we do this is through our customer service web site; StayTuned. We know the kind of help you need.