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28 2012 Jul

Tactio registered US trademark

Trademark Notice

The certification has been issued.

JWLABS has exclusive use of the word Tactio as trademark in the US.

28 2012 Jul

Anticipating the NEW Tactio

The next generation of devices from JWLABS are expected next year. We are probably looking at a window late 2010 and early ’11. It’s too early to know, but the expectation would be 6 months in development, another 6 months to a final production model. The first production run is usually 6 to 12 weeks later.

28 2012 Jul

Japanese Investors

JWLAB! Pay Less, get more.

I have no way to know what is happening with the licensing deal in Japan, the investors are out of touch and out of the country a lot of the time, so there’s not real good communication going on here. There’s a daisy-chain in between us. 

The last offer was $100,000 cash signing fee, plus 1% of sales in return for manufacturing and marketing rights in Japan. My suggestion was $300,000, plus  the 1%, and we manufacture in the US. It looks like they want the deal, but can’t find the cash. There will be other bidders for Japan. Especially when I launch a Japanese version of Tactio.

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