Lab Notes

28 2012 Jul

Rife Trade Launched

With Rife Trade, we provide a means for users and enthusiasts to market or promote their machines, new or used, by category.

Used machines, RMAs, antique machines, even broken or no longer under warranty, are offered here to accommodate the fullness of the market.

Current Model A prices are posted here and updated daily. 

New Model A tutorial video completed:

Probably the first of many, this tutorial, narrated by Cherry Maly, covers the basic operations in detail and is available free for all JWLABS users.

The permanent on-line home of the video will be located at Rife Tutor.

Rife Tutor will also provide some of the sort of content that users have requested. Such as beginner’s approaches, how to establish a routine, and how to adjust therapy applications for those who need to refresh their basic skills quickly and easily.

Rife Tutor is presently under construction.

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