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28 2012 Jul

Tactio registered US trademark

Trademark Notice

The certification has been issued.

JWLABS has exclusive use of the word Tactio as trademark in the US.

28 2012 Jul

Anticipating the NEW Tactio

The next generation of devices from JWLABS are expected next year. We are probably looking at a window late 2010 and early ’11. It’s too early to know, but the expectation would be 6 months in development, another 6 months to a final production model. The first production run is usually 6 to 12 weeks later.

28 2012 Jul

Rife Therapy Back Online

When Rife Therapy is back on line it will be reformatted for JWLABS format because they will be integrated in some places. It would be on line now, except for that template at BTTB. This was the original Rife Therapy title page. It had the Ballet Dancer in black and white, reaching backward for a silver ball. 

According to their spokesman, the old RifeTherapy page format became included into the value added templates which came with the software package, after BTTB sold the software some years ago. BTTB bought the software back again, and the template was in that package. He remarked about how costly it was, and how strict the company had been about plagiarism, so it was very much a surprise to him to find out that they (the company) had stolen some of their own formats. 

I am deliberately not mentioning the company’s name, because it is a very big software publisher, and what happened was totally out of BTTB’s control. Nevertheless, my old RifeTherapy format is now available for customers to use as their own from the resources page on the BTTB web site.

Needless to say, RifeTherapy had to be reformatted, but it was going to happen anyway.

We have had a lot of encouragement from readers of JWLABS, mostly having to do with the insights it provides, the epiphanous reveals that have inspired so many, hopefully will not be lost as I try to play into it. I have explained a lot more in this update than ever before, and my hope is, that users will better understand the technology and that ultimately this will translate into even better success in therapy. RifeTherapy its self has been extensively updated as well as reorganized.

RifeMachine has been placed on hold, in the event that our distributors in Europe wish to use it. If they do, they will obviously have the number one best possible Rife related dotcom. Don’t worry, I will lease it to them for next to nothing, just to guarantee the domain can never fall into the hands of competitors.  

28 2012 Jul

Rife Therapy DVD Complete

In this update, I have taken more time with some issues. There is certainly a bit more public dissent, generally, in the US, and this update reflects that, but it is not I hope, too raving. 

As always, I have repeated and reworded many times the main safety issues that I feel need to be stressed the most. I still do not have any great answers for those poor folks who are out to dry with other machines. The low price of Model A, is the best I can do.

The recent testionials have been placed on line, at least temporarily, in an attempt to offset some of the unfairness, and net-non-neutrality that is becoming common.

It seems it is no longer a race to the best product and services and has been reduced to merely hit ratios, click-throughs, and other Internet mumbo-jumbo.

I have included some links to relevant news and technical articles in the Distributor’s section. This is precipitated by the proliferation of zeolite products, which I feel are a real danger to public health, and I explain why I feel that it may be especially hazardous to Rife machine users.

Rife Therapy DVD completed:

We have completed a working copy of the Rife Therapy DVD. This contains a compressed version of all of the application recordings, consisting of 358 titles, with formulas.

The decision to place this on line is still something we look at with trepidation. There are several schemes presently in the works for encryption, but security will be a problem. 

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