A brief history of Rife Technology

Ever since its discovery, electricity has been used for therapeutic purposes. Electrostatic charges developed by stroking an amber rod with a silk cloth were experimented with as far back as the 16th century. Exactly how these charges of electrical energy could effect the body was unknown until recent times. Now we know that all such charges have bioactive potential.

Start of Electro-Medicine

Albert Abrams

Probably the first notable experiments were conducted by Friedrich Anton Mesmer(1733-1815). These involved stroking the body with magnets, and other means of delivering gauss to the body. He did this to good effect and became famous, treating lords, nobles and monarchs. Since science had not as yet progressed to the point of any theory as to how this might work, Mesmer’s experiments were largely un-repeatable. He was declared a fraud by Benjamin Franklin.


The fascination of experimenters with the fundamental principals of electro-medicine went unabated. By 1890, an electro-medical society was founded in the US. Literally hundreds of electrical devices were available to the public. These were of every conceivable shape and configuration. All with differing theories, and many with totally ridiculous claims.

Around the beginning of the 20th century, Albert Abrams did further experiments, developing machines to do the work, but again, the inadequacies of good scientific theory, led to unexplained failures, and Abrams too was eventually discredited.

Early Abrams devices