Rife Technology

Rife Technology Explained

This is by no means intended to be a technical manual on Rife technology.

The purpose of this page is to attempt to explain in simple terms, some of the
questions lay persons rarely know to ask. Read more..

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Ever since its discovery, electricity has been used for therapeutic purposes.

Electrostatic charges developed by stroking an amber rod with a silk cloth were
experimented with as far back as the 16th century. Read more..

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JWLABS began manufacturing authentic Rife instruments in 1987.

In those days, the Rife technology was almost unknown, and there was much fear
among users of persecution and confiscation of devices. Read more..

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Great! That probably means you are “our kind” of people.

A high degree of skepticism is a good thing, especially today. We welcome your skepticism.
If you are skeptical and reading this page at all, you are probably like so many
people who would like to believe in the Rife technology, but you need to have some
really well grounded facts before you even open up to a dialog. Read more..

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