Advantages of Model A

Don’t get Model A confused with silly zappers


The Model A Difference

You are looking at the most innovative, versatile and exciting Rife instrument ever. Model A is a full power Rife instrument capable of treating a horse. If you are an experienced Rife machine user and you have looked at, or owned other, lesser machines you probably already realize that Model A is by far the most authentic.

With Model A you can’t miss!

If you have used other Rife machines you will appreciate Model A’s small size. If you have used our Model B, you will appreciate Model A’s massive power.

Model A is capable of all the same sessions as Model B, in fact we use Model B to make recorded sessions for Model A. That means you get the very same output AND the very same tuning, sweeps, passes and incremental’s as you would get from Model B.

  • Maximum output is 64-68 volts. Much more power than that of Dr. Rife’s instruments.
  • Delivers frequencies to 10,000hz
  • By virtue of the harmonics, you have access to trillions of frequencies.
  • Backed by full warranty and customer support.
  • Proudly manufactured in the US.

Works with batteries or AC adapter.
Comes with everything you need, including a 73 minute General Alignment session, free!

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