Are you ready for a real Frequency Instrument?

Prepare to be amazed

No compromise. Full function. Double power. Highly reliable, durable, and incredibly versatile. JWLABS instruments are powerful enough to treat a horse, but sensitive enough to treat a mouse. The finest made.

effortless session frequency tuning

No more cryptic programs, no more searching for the right frequencies, everything is done for you by an expert. Recorded sessions are not simple programs. They are live sessions recorded directly from the special Model B recording output. So they are far richer, far more complete, and we have a full library of sessions to choose from. Each and every recording was created by an experienced practitioner.

You will always have the maximum Rife therapy possible with Model A. And you will be sure that it is the most potent Rife type output, with the original physics.

setting the standard

There is no question about the fine quality of Model A. It has long been the standard against which all other Rife machines are measured. It is the machine that other makers try to equal.

Works with batteries or AC adapter.
Comes with everything you need, including a 73 minute General Alignment session, free!

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