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28 2012 Jul

Rife Therapy DVD Complete

In this update, I have taken more time with some issues. There is certainly a bit more public dissent, generally, in the US, and this update reflects that, but it is not I hope, too raving. 

As always, I have repeated and reworded many times the main safety issues that I feel need to be stressed the most. I still do not have any great answers for those poor folks who are out to dry with other machines. The low price of Model A, is the best I can do.

The recent testionials have been placed on line, at least temporarily, in an attempt to offset some of the unfairness, and net-non-neutrality that is becoming common.

It seems it is no longer a race to the best product and services and has been reduced to merely hit ratios, click-throughs, and other Internet mumbo-jumbo.

I have included some links to relevant news and technical articles in the Distributor’s section. This is precipitated by the proliferation of zeolite products, which I feel are a real danger to public health, and I explain why I feel that it may be especially hazardous to Rife machine users.

Rife Therapy DVD completed:

We have completed a working copy of the Rife Therapy DVD. This contains a compressed version of all of the application recordings, consisting of 358 titles, with formulas.

The decision to place this on line is still something we look at with trepidation. There are several schemes presently in the works for encryption, but security will be a problem. 

28 2012 Jul

Rife Trade Launched

With Rife Trade, we provide a means for users and enthusiasts to market or promote their machines, new or used, by category.

Used machines, RMAs, antique machines, even broken or no longer under warranty, are offered here to accommodate the fullness of the market.

Current Model A prices are posted here and updated daily. 

New Model A tutorial video completed:

Probably the first of many, this tutorial, narrated by Cherry Maly, covers the basic operations in detail and is available free for all JWLABS users.

The permanent on-line home of the video will be located at Rife Tutor.

Rife Tutor will also provide some of the sort of content that users have requested. Such as beginner’s approaches, how to establish a routine, and how to adjust therapy applications for those who need to refresh their basic skills quickly and easily.

Rife Tutor is presently under construction.

28 2012 Jul

Japanese Investors

JWLAB! Pay Less, get more.

I have no way to know what is happening with the licensing deal in Japan, the investors are out of touch and out of the country a lot of the time, so there’s not real good communication going on here. There’s a daisy-chain in between us. 

The last offer was $100,000 cash signing fee, plus 1% of sales in return for manufacturing and marketing rights in Japan. My suggestion was $300,000, plus  the 1%, and we manufacture in the US. It looks like they want the deal, but can’t find the cash. There will be other bidders for Japan. Especially when I launch a Japanese version of Tactio.

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