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Due to the gravity of the technology, it is necessary that it is given proper stewardship, first and foremost.

That being the case, the evolution of the machine is founded on efficacy and customer preference. In that order.

In order to assure efficacy is maintained we have created certain standards.

No genuine medical practitioner or healer of any kind wants to have a string of failures.

The machine does not fail.

People fail.

Distribution has two possible formats.

Marketing JWLABS Model A
Marketing under your own proprietary label

Marketing JWLABS Model A

In order for a distributor to be successful, it is mandatory that they present an immaculate example for others to follow. Therefore one of the requirements for distributors is strict compliance with the written agreements, wherein you will be disqualified if you are found to be in violation.

The Customer Agreement expressly forbids any marketing or commercial exploitation whatsoever. Users are allowed to buy the machine with the condition that it is for their personal home use only.

The Home Achievement Award is a certificate issued by Rife Tutor, for those students who would like to have authorization to treat others. We can only certify that the customer is competent in the use of the therapy. Their responsibility to offer their services lawfully is one of the conditions of the agreement.

Practitioners will be expected to win the Grand Masters Challenge, which also authorizes them to teach other health care professionals in their employ how to perform the therapy.

Marketing under your own proprietary label

If we start with a modified Model A, changed in a way that you choose, we can include a clause in the agreement that gives you the exclusive on that modification.

Specialty electronics engineering is provided on a cost plus 10% basis. Unit prices are controlled to permit the maximum value for your manufacturing dollar. Agency approvals for modified Model A designs should not require any engineering changes. If it is determined that engineering changes are required for approval, we will absorb them within reason in most cases where compliance is an issue.

Your label on an otherwise unmodified JWLABS product is allowed under a written agreement that grants you license to do so. Certification may or may not be required, depending on the way you intend to use and support the machine.

It is best, obviously, for anyone who wants to be a distributor or practitioner of devices of this kind become certified in the use of JWLABS products, if for no other reason than to round out their knowledge in the field. A Grand Masters Certificate on the wall documents your skills and credibility in the techniques.

But it is totally not necessary if you are planning to offer your own specialty device, and provide all the instructions and service for it yourself, under your own name.

This will not be terribly difficult if the device you need for your practice is specialized, so that it only needs to provide exactly the therapy that helps your practice the most.

If the number of possible applications is small, there is less chance of user error, less chance of unit failure, less liability, and less cost in most cases.

We can create any device you can imagine, but unless you present your own schematic and a complete bill of materials, the design and circuitry will remain the property of JWLABS.

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