Welcome to JWLABS

High standards and ethics have always been the main tradition at Wright Labs. It is a
tradition we choose to uphold.

In addition to our unparalleled customer service policies, we replace or repair any
failed machine for free, we absorb extra costs not anticipated by the user, and generally
provide all the same service as any manufacturing contractor. Read more..

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The jwlabs promise

We have always felt that, other than the obvious need for honesty and ethical
standards that should be basic to any business, giving each customer the correct
and realistic expectation is one of the most important and essential things that
any Rife machine maker. Read more..

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jwlabs customer support

Personal assistance, attention to detail, regular follow ups, and an unlimited customer
service policy are some of the things we are famous for. If you have any sort of need for
added resources, accessories, related supportive products, or general user questions,
StayTuned is always there to help! Read more..

Also see: Personal Lifetime Warranty


Distributor Information

To distribute successfully and profitably, the business almost needs to be created
around the JWLABS model machines and the associated policies that makes them
so desirable. Read more..

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